The Bard MBA in Sustainability focuses on the business case for sustainability. We train students to see how firms can integrate economic, environmental, and social objectives, the triple Bottom Line, to create successful businesses that build a more sustainable world. Graduates of the Bard MBA Program will transform existing companies, start their own businesses, and pioneer new ways of operating that meet human needs, while protecting and restoring the earth's natural systems. The Bard MBA is a low-residency program structured around "weekend intensives" with regular online instruction between these residencies. Five of these intensives are held each term: four in the heart of New York City and one in the Hudson Valley. Residencies take place over four days, beginning Friday morning, and ending Monday afternoon. Learn more today.

How the United States Seal Promotes Sustainability


The Great Seal of our nation skillfully encapsulates the principles and ethics worth living by. Created as an official signature to enable the newly founded nation to sign treaties, it sealed our vows to other nations.

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Why is Waste-to-Energy So Confusing for Americans?


Our cluelessness as to what happens after the waste bag is placed on the curb is nowhere more evident than in the fuzzy logic of our waste-to-energy (WTE) debate.

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Could 3-D Printing Bring the World Closer to the Circular Economy?


3-D printing could offer a dual solution to the world’s waste problem, allowing transformation of plastic waste into new plastic products.

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Sustainable Careers: The World Needs You Now

Bard CEP Students at Graduation

It is not too late to start researching programs for next fall. Most graduate schools will consider applications for qualified candidates into late June. And, if applicants haven’t yet taken the GRE or GMAT, don’t worry. Many programs will review student applications prior to them taking the standardized tests.

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Reaching the Elusive Green Consumer

green consumer_x

New York City startup aims to empower the responsible consumer with innovative campaign. Eban Goodstein, Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability For decades now, sustainability entrepreneurs have been trying to mine the vein of responsible consumption, with only limited success. Polls show people want to shop their values, but they seldom shell out much of a […]

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What Would You Ask Hunter Lovins?


As part of the Bard MBA Sustainable Business Series, I am holding a “Conversation with Hunter Lovins” next Monday night (March 5th) in New York City, and I’d love to know what you would ask Hunter if you had the chance to sit down with her.

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The Clif Bar Story: An Interview with Director of Environmental Stewardship Elysa Hammond


Forget the triple bottom line: the folks at Clif Bar manage for five separate objectives. Find out how they manage it.

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Changing Perceptions at Chevy: Feedback Please

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Our team would be grateful if you would watch a couple of these videos, and tell us, frankly, what you think. Could these stories make a difference in perceptions of Chevrolet?

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