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A copywriter in San Francisco, Eckhart has covered the spectrum of marketing collateral, as well as environmental impact reports documenting his own original research into riparian habitat restoration. He's reviewed environmentally progressive cars, such as the Tesla Roadster and the EV1 back in its heyday of 1999. Involved in the greening of the Chamber of Commerce, he has been busy spearheading a new initiative. Associated with the Urban Alliance for Sustainability and BayLocalize, he enjoys exploring the eco-advantages of permaculture in his community garden. Last year he began researching waste reduction technologies and unearthing the hidden truth behind omnipresent toxic state of our environment. For TreeHugger, he interviewed the founder of the nation's largest electronics recycler, John Shegarian. He's equally passionate about promoting traditional alternatives to healthcare with time-proven modalities such as ayurveda. Currently associated with Zrii's engaging partnerships with healthcare organizations intent upon promoting wellness internationally in the face of the rising levels of toxicity in the environment. Currently he's writing about the first ecologically sustainable brokerage, Green Key Real Estate.

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Waste to Energy Firms: A Greener Waste Solution?

| Friday March 6th, 2009 | 0 Comments

With landfills across the nation bursting at the seams, there are signs of renewed interest in burning solid wastes. Using advanced gasfication methods, companies can now produce energy from a host of materials with virtually no emissions.
And while this is certainly better than just dumping trash in a landfill, is it really better than simply recycling and reusing those materials?
Burn, Baby, Burn!
Plasco Energy Group Inc., an Ottawa, Canada-based firm has introduced an innovative system based upon an electric plasma torch system whose combustion process burns cleaner than traditional trash incinerators.
In the plasma burn design, temperatures are raised to greatly elevated levels compared to traditional incinerator systems. At this higher temperature, gasification opens the door for a “superior combustion” potential – so much so that Plasco claims that it can divert 99.8% of solid waste from landfills. Its Conversion System is “the only waste transformation technology that can generate more than a megawatt-hour of net power per ton of waste processed.”
And Plasco is not alone. Another rising star on the horizon of gasification includes Ze-gen, which launched a functioning pilot plant a year ago in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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