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Hannah Miller is a writer, ecologist, and adventurer living in San Francisco. She is interested in everything, but particularly in creative sustainability practices, the media, the Internet, local and regional news and trends, arts and culture, the human-machine interaction, and democracy. She's lived in Shanghai, New York, L.A., Philadelphia, and D.C., and taught English, run political campaigns, waited tables, and written puppet shows. She definitely wants to hear what you're up to. You can reach her at @hannahmiller215, email at golden.notebook at gmail.com or at her site: www.hannahmiller.net.

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Occupy Wall Street? San Francisco’s Done That Already

| Friday September 14th, 2012 | 1 Comment

“There are two distinct financial systems in this country,” said San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros to the crowd at TEDx Presidio, Sat. Sept. 8. “There’s the mainstream, and there’s the system for the financial fringe.” Over the last few years, San Francisco’s Office of Financial Empowerment, started by Cisneros, has enrolled thousands in programs to bring poor San Franciscans from one to the other…taking on inequality in financial services years before it was cool.

Cisneros, standing on stage at the Palace of Fine Arts and addressing the Presidio Graduate School’s 2012 TEDx theme “Re-Inventing Capitalism,” said his office had reconfigured the city’s financial services industry in order to relieve poverty, conducting educational campaigns and moving residents away from payday loans and check cashing places to open savings and checking accounts.

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