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It’s About Time… Wedding Planning Goes Green

| Monday March 26th, 2007 | 5 Comments

With all the dizzying array of decisions couples must make in regards to planning their wedding, I’m heartened by the fact there are more sustainable choices and resources available. This is particularly on my radar right now because I’m getting married in June. I’m also finding that more and more couples are becoming conscious of how their choices affect the environment and strive to make their big day as sustainable as possible. The media is picking up on it, too, with a whole section of the NY Times recently devoted to green weddings.
As someone about to get married, I can now hire organic caterers, work with a florist who primarily uses locally grown flowers, send our invitations on recycled paper — and work with a green wedding planner. One that I know personally is Presidio School of Management grad Corina Beczner who recently launched Vibrant Events, a green wedding and special event company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The idea formed while she was a student in the two-year Presidio MBA in Sustainable Management program, and in her final semester she created a venture plan in the Capstone course to bring her vision into reality.

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Kids and Worms keep TerraCycle in business

| Thursday December 8th, 2005 | 5 Comments

bb_efeeff_300.jpgTerraCycle, a company that manufactures organic plant fertilizer, was started a few years ago by a then 19- year old Princeton University drop-out. Their product is simple: liquid organic fertilizer made from worm poop. Red worms digest organic waste and the resulting excrement is made into a liquid plant food. Worm poop fertilizer is not a new idea, but research from Rutgers University has helped substantiate the company’s claim that TerraCycle brand fertilizer outperforms standard chemical based home fertilizers. The company has grabbed shelf space across Canada and the US in WalMart, Home Depot, Whole Foods and Wild Oats and is expected to top $1.5 million in sales next year.

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