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Sanctions on Venezuela Exempt Citgo — U.S. Energy Portfolio at Risk

Citgo, the American oil company owned by the government of Venezuela, has been granted an exemption from recent U.S. sanctions by the Trump White House. The administration claims Citgo cannot transfer profits to its Venezuelan parent, but it turns out lobbying may have had something to do with giving the company a pass.

Hurricane Harvey Tests Limits of Federal Flood Insurance Program

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the greater Houston region is offering another grim reminder: the federal government’s national flood insurance program, NFIP, is going to become even more financially unsustainable — and it’s already $25M in debt.

As Global Slavery Rates Rise, Corporations Struggle to Respond

Millions of individuals still live in slavery or other forms of forced labor. A high-level meeting in the Australian city of Perth attempted to develop global standards for more ethical and transparent labor practices within companies’ global supply chains. Unfortunately it ended with few concrete action items.

Samsung Note 8 Linked to Deforestation, Says NGO

According to the NGO Mighty Earth, Samsung is using proceeds from the sales of products such as Note 8 smartphones to develop palm oil plantations with some of the most notorious agribusiness interests in Indonesia.

Airbnb Working with Danny Glover to Engage Communities of Color

Bringing Danny Glover onboard is another step Airbnb is taking in a move to repair its relationships with ethnic and racial minorities, who have complained of discrimination in the past. Glover will also work with the company to boost Airbnb’s presence in minority neighborhoods.

Solar Power to Rival Nuclear by End of 2017

According to a recent report, solar power capacity not only continues to surge worldwide, but will rival the amount of nuclear power generated across the globe by the end of this year.

Support Grows for Republican Carbon Tax Plan

The idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax, introduced by GOP elders earlier this year, is slowly but surely gaining more support across the political spectrum.