Lesley Lammers is a freelance journalist focused on the intersection between the environment, food, justice, health and social entrepreneurship. Lammers has written for the New York Times, the Green Chamber of Commerce, Good Life Report, Common Ground Magazine, and EDFish. You can follow her at: @LesleyLammers


Chipotle Ups the Ante to Twice as Much Local Produce

Remember this year’s Chipotle Mexican Grill ad “Back to the Start” that captured hearts and minds around the issue of factory farming?  As a serious burrito aficionado, there is something comforting about walking up to that big glass counter, steam rising seductively off the tortilla heater, and knowing that you are about to chow down … Continued


Coca Cola Enterprises Invests $23 Million in Energy Efficiency

International beverage icon Coca-Cola Enterprises recently released their seventh Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) report entitled, “How can a drink build a more sustainable tomorrow?”  The report details accomplishments, challenges and future goals in their seven CRS areas of focus which include energy and climate change, sustainable packaging and recycling, water stewardship, product portfolio, community, … Continued

Ray Family Farms barn with solar array

White House Honors Corporate Environmental Sustainability Leaders

A diverse crowd of sustainability gurus honored by the White House this month with the Champions of Change Award for their efforts in the category of Corporate Environmental Sustainability. April is the month to recognize companies, organizations and individuals whose mission is to advance holistic sustainability practices in their community, business or organizational structure.

Organic Equivalence Deal Affords International Markets for Organic Producers

A transatlantic organic equivalence arrangement has been negotiated between representatives from the US Department of Agriculture and EU Agriculture and Regional Development department, allowing for more market access of organic products certified under both the EU and US organic standards.  This means that although these sets of standards do contain certain variances, the US National … Continued

Green Love is in the Air, Says Timberland, OKCupid Survey

Green is the new red this Valentine’s Day, or so say the results of Timberland’s Eco-Love Survey released this week, revealing that 77 percent of people regard eco-consciousness as an appealing trait in a potential mate, while 50 percent of Americans are attracted to those who practice eco-friendly behavior around the house such as conserving … Continued


Silicon Valley Introduces Corporate Philanthropy 2.0

These days, donating a portion of one’s own savings or company dollars to charity is to look at philanthropy in its most primitive form. Now, the big players of Silicon Valley are applying their venture capital, social ingenuity and tech savvy to the task of rebooting philanthropy.


6 Laws of Green Marketing

As standards become more well-defined and consumers demand more transparency, companies are increasingly in need of the skills to, first of all, begin that difficult process toward the ever-evolving “sustainable” business. But for those already on that path, an understanding of how to report and communicate their successes and hurdles is becoming essential as well. … Continued

North Carolina Takes Reins For Green Future

The sustainability movement is making waves in North Carolina, at least that’s the impression one might have gotten from the budding enthusiasm at yesterday’s GreenNC: Building for a Sustainable Future in Durham, North Carolina. Mayor Bill Bell opened up the conference by bragging about his Bull City, which has become a hub for social and … Continued

Charlotte to Install First Airport Worm Composting System

While it seems logical that many restaurants have already begun to reap the benefits of installing onsite worm composting operations, airports may not be the first place people would think of to have such systems in place. The Charlotte Douglas International Airport will change that fact when they open a $1.1 million recycling center in … Continued

chickpeas/photo by Jaden Hair

PepsiCo Invests in Ethiopian Chickpea Production

Chickpea enthusiasts might be pleased to learn that this super food has the potential to start showing up in many more products. That’s because PepsiCo recently partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Food Program (WFP) to institute Enterprise EthioPEA, a program with simultaneous goals of dramatically raising Ethiopia’s … Continued

Child Labor on U.S. Farms Widespread, Says New Film

While the UN estimates there are approximately 250 million child laborers worldwide, some might be alarmed to know that 400,000 of those children are working on U.S. farms. Filmmaker U. Roberto Romano was even surprised himself.


New Orleans Doubles as Food Desert & Foodie Mecca

This month News One rated New Orleans the country’s #1 “worst food desert,” while Travel + Leisure simultaneously put the Big Easy at the top of their list of “America’s Best Cities for Foodies.” Marianne Cufone, Executive Director of Recirculating Farms Coalition, a group that promotes local community-based food initiatives, notes that such a paradox … Continued