Nayelli Gonzalez is a writer and sustainable business strategist who advises Fortune 500 companies, specifically those in the apparel industry, on their approach to sustainability, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications. She is also a trained journalist who writes on sustainable business trends and the apparel industry for a variety of publications. Follow her @nayelligonzalez


The Little Black Dress Goes Zero Waste, Thanks to Robots

Fashion designer Natalia Allen has created a new model for sustainable fashion that has made the fashion world take notice. 3p spoke with Allen to learn more about what drives her purposefully-created clothes and how her approach to sustainability is to do more with less.


Rebranding Tap Water: NYC Water-On-the-Go Campaign

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! On a recent walk along New York City’s Union Square Park, I came across a beautiful sight: walking in 95-degree humid heat, I saw fountains and fountains of cold, clean, and free drinking water.  A city employee, wearing a ‘NYC Water’ t-shirt, urged … Continued


How Companies Communicate Sustainability Strategies Online

More and more, company websites are becoming dynamic educational tools that businesses can use to communicate their sustainability strategy to stakeholders. As a recent report published by AltaTerra Research reveals, marketing and stakeholder communication is evolving in interesting ways. The report analyzes the evolution of corporate sustainability reporting and evaluates how current sustainable business leaders are communicating their sustainability strategy online.


Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender on Holistic CSR

Corporate Social Responsibly is more than just about selling sustainable products, issuing annual reports, and reducing carbon and water footprints: it’s also about how businesses treat employees and the corporate culture that’s promoted within company walls. Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation’s Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Inspired Protagonist, spoke about this holistic approach to CSR during his visit to the Presidio Graduate School earlier today.

Green Event Hit and Misses for 2009 Net Impact Conference

About 2,600 MBA students and business professionals from around the world got together a week ago at the 2009 Net Impact Conference at Cornell University to learn and discuss how to use business as a force for social and environmental good.  The event was a success on many levels, and I’d like to highlight some … Continued

Honest Tea Says It Will Stay Honest with Coca Cola Partnership

Honest Tea‘s President and “TeaEO” Seth Goldman doesn’t think he’s sold out. During the closing keynote address at the 2009 Net Impact Conference today, Goldman explained his decision to allow Coca Cola to acquire 40% of Honest Tea by reassuring event goers that his commitment to producing a healthy, organic, less sweet drinks has not … Continued

Johnson & Johnson’s Sustainability Strategy Includes Avoiding Greenwashing

When you hear the name Johnson & Johnson, you might think about baby oil, baby powder and band-aids–and not necessarily think of them as leaders in sustainability.  At a speaker panel at the Net Impact Conference on Friday, several J&J company leaders spoke to how the company’s Credo is the backbone of its sustainability strategy … Continued

Net Impact Leaders’ Advice on Activitating Member Base

Net Impact chapter leaders from around the country kicked off the 2009 Net Impact Conference today to share best practices on how to successfully manage a social impact club that adds value to people’s lives and their communities. Many words of wisdom were imparted, especially about finding new ways to inspire member action and participation. … Continued

Imagine H2O Prize Competition to Drive Water Innovation

As 3p readers know, the growing scarcity of freshwater is causing significant social and environment problems around the world.  From a rise in cholera in parts of Africa to chronic water shortages in Australia as a result of drought, people everywhere are feeling the impact of the global water crisis.  

Imagine H2O, a non-profit that … Continued