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SF Cracks the Nut: Free Solar Within Reach!

| Wednesday July 30th, 2008 | 0 Comments

solar-roof.jpgSomebody better call Google and tell them their RE<C project may be already happening, albeit not the way they expected: a new rebate for renewable energy in San Francisco has now made the idea of clean energy cheaper that coal a reality, by making solar power essentially free.
Earlier this summer, the City Board of Supervisors passed a rebate that grants up to $6,000 on top of other incentives. They also inadvertently cracked one of the toughest nuts to growing the urban solar market: giving landlords and tenants a reason to work together to install PV. The kicker? By stacking all the incentives the right way, the net cost to the landlord is zero. That’s right – free solar power.
As first reported in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the new $3 million a year program offers an escalating incentive depending on the location of the electrical meter, and who does the installation. And it also gives tenants and landlords – often at loggerheads in this rent-controlled city–a strong motivation for working together.

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