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Appalachia: How Energy Efficiency Could Help Transform the Land of “Clean Coal”

| Monday March 16th, 2009 | 0 Comments

appalachia.jpgWith the presidential inauguration complete, the energy industry is perched on the edge of its seat, awaiting what many think could be nothing less than a transformation. Obama’s inaugural address included a prominent mention of energy and he’s made some significant commitments in recent weeks. It even seems as though Congress wants to put up the money, with $54B of the proposed stimulus package directed towards energy.
While government willingness is a necessary first step, this money must be channeled to where it will make the most difference in order to create meaningful results. Enter the Appalachian Regional Commision and its upcoming report, Energy Efficiency in Appalachia. Written by the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), the report provides a mix of policy proposals and supporting data that map out a potential energy future for Appalachia.

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