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Greg Kallenberg

With Tea Party on the Right and Occupy on the Left, Is There Room For the Rational Middle?

When his film Haynesville was released, Gregory Kallenberg traveled around the country screening it. It attracted a huge and diverse following, drawing praise from both sides of the environment-versus-business divide. Gregory saw that the film seemed to be filling two important needs. First, many people are uninformed or misinformed about energy. “A lot of people have no idea where their energy comes from” Second, there is a great need for a forum where people can speak calmly and rationally about the various energy alternatives without the divisiveness that has plagued this and other related issues, particularly in Washington.

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How Autodesk Helps Design a Better World

Autodesk’s 2012 sustainability report offers a compelling case of how its products can help build a more sustainable world and mitigate a company’s impact on the planet.

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Can Ford Become The New Nike?

Ford has become much more than an automobile manufacturing giant: it is a design firm, a technology company and a lifestyle brand that is driving sustainability in industry.


Ecomagination Builds Big Green Revenues for GE

GE launched its ecomagination project back in 2005 to propel the company into leadership status in the emerging sustainable technology marketplace. As far as the company is concerned, it has been a resounding success. According to GE’s new ecomagination progress report, sales and services revenues associated with the project have reached about $105 billion. The … Continued

A "lecture" hall under construction, built for in class collaboration.

George Brown College: Creating Collaboration for Health Care

This framework focuses on patient-centered team-based care, as opposed to discipline-centered, isolated treatment. “Faculty had to learn to work together. They all taught about health assessment, but talked as if they were the only game in town,” says Shekter-Wolfson. The goal is to have a more systemic approach to patient treatment.

Evergreen Brick Works: Past and Present Working Together for A Greener Future

When I first heard the name Evergreen Brick Works, I thought I was going to be touring a brick factory that happened to be going green. Although in the past, the site was manufacturing plant for bricks, at present that is no longer case. Granted, in one way, Evergreen Brick Works is continuing the legacy of its predecessors, creating building blocks. But instead of physical brick and mortar, Evergreen Brick Worksseeks to be a convergence zone for innovative ideas, i.e. creating building blocks for a sustainable future.

Denmark windmill

Denmark Will Be 100% Renewable By Mid-Century

Denmark’s Energy Strategy 2050 contains initiatives aimed at reducing fossil fuel consumption 33% by 2020 and to achieve complete independence from fossil fuels by 2050. And unlike the US plan to achieve 80% renewables in electric generation, the Danish plan also includes the heating of buildings as well.