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Air conditioning

Is Air Conditioning Heating Up the Planet?

Stan Cox is a senior researcher at the Land Institute. His book, Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air Conditioned World, describes the threat that our ever-increasing need for air conditioning poses to efforts to maintain our planetary climate within its natural limits.

Nissan LEAF gets a charge. EV makers want it to always be this easy for drivers to fill up.

SAP Tackles EV Range Anxiety

The latest product from SAP is a database with a GPS overlay that allows electric vehicle manufacturers to display nearby recharging stations on the car’s dashboard. Sounds simple, right? It’s easier said than done.

Port Orford Community Stewardship Area

Ecosystem Based Management Comes to Southern Oregon Port

The Ecosystem-Based Management summit goals were to increase participant knowledge, decrease duplicate efforts, and encourage partnerships within the area in order to share resources.

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Walmart Installs Massive Wind Power Turbine in California

While Walmart has not given a deadline of when the retail giant plans on reaching that 100 percent renewables goal, the movement towards powering the company’s operations with clean energy continues to take baby steps. Walmart revealed another step with its wind power agenda by unveiling its first large-scale wind turbine project in Red Bluff, California.

wind turbine

Wind Power Production Record Set in Colorado

Xcel Energy achieved the record in the pre-dawn hours in April, when wind power accounted for 57% of electricity flowing through its transmission lines, clearly demonstrating that US electric utilities can incorporate a lot more in the way of wind and other renewable power production into their systems.


Community-Owned Solar Power on the Rise in the U.S.

Partners in developing community-owned solar power projects, Clean Energy Collective and Martifer Solar USA believe the time and conditions are right for growth to accelerate.


Chick-fil-A: Stewards of the Environment?

Sustainability advocates also tend to favor gay marriage, and may even be in protest against Cathy and Chick-fil-A. But what if that same religious conviction inspired action towards environmental sustainability? How would that change not only what we think of, but we do or do not buy from Chick-fil-A?

BMW offers RECs for ActiveE cusomters

BMW Partners with Green Mountain for Wind-Powered Driving

BMW has figured out an interesting way to add value to the electric vehicle driving experience. By partnering with the clean power company Green Mountain Energy, the auto manufacturer is offering drivers of its new all-electric ActiveE sedan a chance to offset the electricity they use with renewable energy.


The Purposeful Office

The dream of a “paperless office” has given way to a “purposeful office” – an environment that embraces the responsible, sustainable selection, use, recovery and recycling of paper. Help your office work smarter and more efficiently by minimizing environmental impact and keeping paper out of landfills.


Method Turns Ocean Trash Into Packaging

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an enormous ocean island of our trash, sitting between Japan and California. Up until now, nobody’s know what to do with all that waste. Method has now created recycled packaging that uses plastic waste collected in Hawaii, a frequent end point for GPGP waste.

coal plant night

Should the US Be Exporting Coal?

You might be surprised to learn that coal consumption in this country has fallen significantly. In fact, coal, which provided 50% of the nation’s electricity, is now providing only 33%. Meanwhile, as annual consumption dropped to 206.9 million tons, stockpiles have reached 244 million tons. So what shall we do with all that extra coal?


Tower Tariffs: The Winds of a Trade War with China?

Renewable energy trade conflicts with China are heating up and blowing strong. The latest action by the Commerce Department has set tariffs that could go as high as high as 73 percent on imports of utility-scale wind towers from China


Borrego Solar Closes $64M Project Fund with Two US Banks

U.S. Bank and National Cooperative Bank of Washington D.C. are the latest two banks to invest in Borrego’s solar power funds as the San Diego-based solar PV installer and project developer seeks to fuel further expansion.