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smart HVAC systems, future of smart hvac systems

The Future of Smart HVAC Systems

The future of smart HVAC systems is critical to the American economy with the cost of fossil fuels undoubtedly set to rise over the coming years.

improved flow battery from DOE and Stanford

Want Renewable Energy? Just Go with the Flow

Stanford researchers are developing a new flow battery that could introduce more wind and solar power in the utility grid mix, enabling more businesses to use renewable energy without an up-front investment.


Road Test: Specialized’s New E-bike Will Add Fun To Your Commute

Unlike many e-bike manufacturers who modify an existing bike platform and bolt on off-the-shelf wheel-hub motors and battery packs, Specialized’s engineers explained with the Turbo, they needed to design their bike from the ground up in order for it to align with the company’s performance-focused brand.


The Greenest Generation: Baby Boomers or Millennials?

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, those born between the early 1980s to early 2000s, otherwise known as Millennials, are talking a lot of talk without walking much of a walk, according to a recent study by DDB Worldwide.

Boulder demands more renewable energy from Xcel

Boulder Wants More Wind Power, and Wants It Now

The Boulder renewable energy plan could attract new businesses to the city by guaranteeing them access to more clean energy without the need for an up-front investment.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

New Horizons for AC Refrigerants

The race is on to find alternatives to HFCs that have low GWPs and don’t deplete the ozone layer. Chemical companies have zoomed in on three alternative refrigerants: ammonia, propane and, ironically enough, carbon dioxide (CO2).


Commuting by Bike in L.A. Can Be Harder than It Seems

According to a 2010 U.S. Census Bureau survey, 43 percent more Americans commute by bicycle than did in 2000 – and 70 percent more people living in large cities use bikes for commuting purposes than in 2000. Yet the city of Los Angeles is still way behind in statistics. Does that mean So Cal’s largest metropolitan area is doomed as a cycling capital? Hardly. It’s just getting started.


Lost and Found in the American Carbon World

The Navigating the American Carbon World Conference, a three-day event (April 16-18th, 2013) in San Francisco, was jam-packed with workshops, meetings, offset credit offer info sessions, keynotes, plenaries, breakouts, and an exhibition hall featuring consulting services.

Wind farm

Wisconsin Wind Sector Lagging

Despite ranking 16th among the top 20 states for wind energy potential, Wisconsin only added 18MW of wind energy capacity in 2012.

solar panel

Crowdsourcing Solar is a Bright and Powerful Idea

The past few years have been amazing for solar in the U.S. New capacity added in 2012 grew by 76% over the previous year. NREL recently estimated that the US has the potential to meet 20% of its total electric demand with solar. Yet, solar still only provides 1% of the total U.S. power demand. So why, if the potential is 20%, are we only at 1%?