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Direct Investments in Renewable Energy Increasingly Attractive

Though posing challenges,taking equity stakes in wind, solar and other renewable energy projects can turn out to be ideal investments for pension funds, insurers and other long-term institutional investors. The need is certainly there, as the EU and other nations look to boost renewable energy capacity, stimulate their economies, create jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

disadvantages of solar energy

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Enough sunlight falls on the Earth in one hour, to meet the world’s energy demand for a year.  But there are some disadvantages of solar energy

advantages of solar energy

Advantages of Solar Energy

This post is derived from RP Siegel’s post Solar Photovoltaics: Pros and Cons and concerns photovoltaics specifically. Enough sunlight falls on the Earth in one hour, to meet the world’s energy demand for a year, if it could be collected. Let’s break down some of the simple advantages of solar energy: Advantages of Solar Energy … Continued


Public-Private Partnership Brings Solar PV to Denver Affordable Housing

Led by the Denver Housing Authority, project partners have joined to install more than 2.5-MW of solar power systems to 387 affordable housing buildings by next April, an investment that will add to the value of the real estate and reduce electricity bills.

Air conditioning

Is Air Conditioning Heating Up the Planet?

Stan Cox is a senior researcher at the Land Institute. His book, Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air Conditioned World, describes the threat that our ever-increasing need for air conditioning poses to efforts to maintain our planetary climate within its natural limits.

Nissan LEAF gets a charge. EV makers want it to always be this easy for drivers to fill up.

SAP Tackles EV Range Anxiety

The latest product from SAP is a database with a GPS overlay that allows electric vehicle manufacturers to display nearby recharging stations on the car’s dashboard. Sounds simple, right? It’s easier said than done.

Port Orford Community Stewardship Area

Ecosystem Based Management Comes to Southern Oregon Port

The Ecosystem-Based Management summit goals were to increase participant knowledge, decrease duplicate efforts, and encourage partnerships within the area in order to share resources.

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Walmart Installs Massive Wind Power Turbine in California

While Walmart has not given a deadline of when the retail giant plans on reaching that 100 percent renewables goal, the movement towards powering the company’s operations with clean energy continues to take baby steps. Walmart revealed another step with its wind power agenda by unveiling its first large-scale wind turbine project in Red Bluff, California.