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EPA Offers Free Solar & Wind Tools to Tap into Gigawatts of Energy

There are more than 490,000 potentially contaminated properties covering some 15 million acres of land across the US. Aiming to help local communities and landowners make good use of them, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Renewable Energy (NREL) on April 25 launched a set of tools that enable communities and landowners to evaluate contaminated and underutilized properties’ renewable energy potential.


Combined Heat and Power: Pros and Cons

Combined heat & power (CHP) or cogeneration, is really not an energy source itself, but rather more of an energy multiplier, squeezing more usable energy out of each unit of fuel most everywhere it is applied. Without CHP, fuel is used to provide electricity and then additional fuel is used for heat, which in many cases is a missed opportunity. It is most commonly used with a fossil fuel input source today, though it is sometimes combined with biomass or even solar to improve their efficiency.

Michael Owens and President Bill Clinton at SOS 2012

10 Green Lessons from the Sustainable Operations Summit

The Sustainable Operations Summit in New York, featured many interesting and smart people, from President Bill Clinton to Amory Lovins, talking about the green economy. Here are 10 takeaways, that provide valuable lessons or at least some food for thought.

Naked tube

Naked Energy Delivers Solar Electricity and Hot Water in One Package

Naked Energy is a new British start-up company that claims to have invented a hybrid solar technology that can produce both electricity and hot water. The tubular solar collectors produce hot water which is not only useful in itself but it also helps to regulate the temperature of the panel, keeping it from getting too hot, which improve its efficiency.

UK and US will sign agreement to collaborate on offshore wind power research

U.S. and U.K. to Collaborate on Offshore Wind Power

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu appears set to sign a major agreement on developing new technology for offshore wind power with U.K. Energy Secretary Edward Davey. According to reports in the British media, the agreement will be signed during the Clean Energy Ministerial conference hosted by England’s Department of Energy and Climate Change in London … Continued


IBM, Honda and PG&E Collaborate on Smart EV Charging

We all know that to minimize the impact of global climate change we need to drastically reduce our combustion of fossil fuels. We can do that in a number ways including: increasing our use of renewables for electric power generation, moving to some other way of powering our automobiles, and embracing the use of systems thinking as we design our infrastructure moving forward. What I like about today’s story is that it combines all three of these.


Interview: Jeff Miller, Founder & CEO, Wheelz

At this week’s Fortune Brainstorm Green conference, I had a chance to talk briefly with Jeff Miller, Founder & CEO of – a peer to peer car sharing startup based primarily on college campuses. A classic access economy company, Wheelz took their primary funding from Zipcar and pride themselves on the ease of automobile … Continued


Interview: Lee Broughton, Enterprise Holdings

At this week’s Fortune Brainstorm Green conference, I also had a few minutes to talk with Enterprise Holdings’ Head of Sustainability, Lee Broughton. Lee and I talked specifically about the Electrification Coalition, a membership organization whose goal is promoting policies and actions that facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale. Given that … Continued


European Wind a “Recession-Busting” Industry

Europe’s wind energy industry contributed an additional 33%– 32 billion euros (~$41.6 billion) to EU GDP between 2007 and 2010, growing at double the rate of the EU economy as a whole in 2010, the European Wind Energy announced on the opening day of EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen. The EWEA’s forecasting greater gains ahead, if the EU continues its renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction drives.