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Video Interview: New Belgium CEO, Kim Jordan

Taking a broad, holistic approach to sustainability, New Belgium Brewing serves as an example of a successful triple bottom line business. From its founding, this Fort Collins, CO based brewery demonstrates that its commitment to environmentalism, profitability and co-workers is a powerful combination.

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Storm Cloud: The Disruptive Force of Cloud Computing

While the innovation of cloud technology is benefiting so many companies, there is always a dark side to the equation to think about. What exactly is the impact of such a groundbreaking innovation to the business and IT worlds?

Why Your HR Department Needs to Drive Green

However after determining that environmental sustainability is a priority for your organization, the question turns to who will lead the change.  Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is actually loud and clear: the HR department. Here’s why.


Should We Praise Goldman Sachs for Pledging to Invest $40 Billion in Clean Energy?

Goldman Sachs announced on Thursday it plans to invest $40 billion of its own and its clients’ money in renewable energy projects over the next decade. There are some good reasons why this announcement should be praised and not ridiculed. At the same time, you always need to look at the big picture and when you do, suddenly this step looks more like a lipstick on a Wall-Street pig. So which one is it?

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Clean Coal Funding Stalls

According to a new report published by the Worldwatch Institute, funding for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects, otherwise known as clean coal, has stalled at the 2010 level of $23.5 billion. This concerns some people because this technology will take a long time to develop. And if we make a half-hearted effort, by the time it is ready to go, it might be too late to make any difference.


United, Boeing and UOP Join Big Push for Biofuels

If there are still any doubts that biofuels are ready for the big time, last week’s announcement by United Airlines, Boeing, and UOP (a Honeywell company) should put them to rest. The three industry heavyweights have joined with the Chicago Department of Aviation and the Clean Energy Trust to form the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels … Continued


Los Angeles Becomes Largest US City to Ban Plastic Bags

Last week the state of Hawaii introduced a state-wide ban on plastic bags, becoming the first US state to do so. In spite of significant loopholes, this is a very brave move as plastic bags cause untold environmental problems. Now the city of Los Angeles has banned plastic bags becoming the largest US city with … Continued


LED Adoption: The Rocky Path to a Long Awaited Tipping Point

The advantages of high brightness light emitting diodes (HBLED) are well known, however widespread adoption has been slow in coming despite a multi billion dollar expected market. This post discusses the rocky road to widespread adoption of HBLEDs.


Solar Cogeneration Start-up Adds Cooling Capability to Its Heat and Electricity Portfolio

The Silicon Valley start-up is now on the path to commercializing its solar CPV-thermal co-generation system that provides cooling as well as electricity and heating. Along the way, it’s further improved the economics and efficiency of its technology and realizing the goal of offering customers a firm, consistent source of clean, renewable energy that without any subsidies can compete with any conventional or other alternative energy.