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Chick-fil-A: Stewards of the Environment?

Sustainability advocates also tend to favor gay marriage, and may even be in protest against Cathy and Chick-fil-A. But what if that same religious conviction inspired action towards environmental sustainability? How would that change not only what we think of, but we do or do not buy from Chick-fil-A?

BMW offers RECs for ActiveE cusomters

BMW Partners with Green Mountain for Wind-Powered Driving

BMW has figured out an interesting way to add value to the electric vehicle driving experience. By partnering with the clean power company Green Mountain Energy, the auto manufacturer is offering drivers of its new all-electric ActiveE sedan a chance to offset the electricity they use with renewable energy.


The Purposeful Office

The dream of a “paperless office” has given way to a “purposeful office” – an environment that embraces the responsible, sustainable selection, use, recovery and recycling of paper. Help your office work smarter and more efficiently by minimizing environmental impact and keeping paper out of landfills.


Method Turns Ocean Trash Into Packaging

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an enormous ocean island of our trash, sitting between Japan and California. Up until now, nobody’s know what to do with all that waste. Method has now created recycled packaging that uses plastic waste collected in Hawaii, a frequent end point for GPGP waste.

coal plant night

Should the US Be Exporting Coal?

You might be surprised to learn that coal consumption in this country has fallen significantly. In fact, coal, which provided 50% of the nation’s electricity, is now providing only 33%. Meanwhile, as annual consumption dropped to 206.9 million tons, stockpiles have reached 244 million tons. So what shall we do with all that extra coal?


Tower Tariffs: The Winds of a Trade War with China?

Renewable energy trade conflicts with China are heating up and blowing strong. The latest action by the Commerce Department has set tariffs that could go as high as high as 73 percent on imports of utility-scale wind towers from China


Borrego Solar Closes $64M Project Fund with Two US Banks

U.S. Bank and National Cooperative Bank of Washington D.C. are the latest two banks to invest in Borrego’s solar power funds as the San Diego-based solar PV installer and project developer seeks to fuel further expansion.


Interview: CEO of on Partnership with Daimler

Last week Daimler made another step to deepen its involvement in the access economy by partnering and investing an undisclosed sum in the world’s leading ridesharing network, This partnership is an important milestone for both Daimler and To learn more about the collaboration, I interviewed Markus Barnikel, CEO of

San Francisco PUC building exterior

The Public Sector Pioneers the Case for Green Building

The public sector is making the case for green building materials and processes, including integrated design, broad stakeholder collaboration, and long-term thinking. Sustainable building practices are embodied in the new LEED Platinum San Francisco Public Utilities Commission HQ.

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Kickstarter Phenomenon ReadySet: A Powerful Example of Trickle Up Innovation

A small device is creating a big buzz on Kickstarter: The ReadySet is a plug and play charging/power source that can take a near unlimited set of inputs, powering a huge range of devices. This has relevance both in far off the grid developing countries and back here in the States as well.

senior CA

Solar Seniors Help Realize California, U.S. Renewable Energy Goals

California seniors are increasingly helping realize the goals of Gov. Brown’s clean, renewable energy and energy security initiatives, one central aim of which is to install 12,000-MW of local renewable power generation across the state by 2020. America’s growing number of “solar seniors” are seen as key customers for Gen110, which now provides 40% of residential solar PV power in the San Jose metro area.


Cleantech Co bSolar Develops Double-Sided Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for decades, but researchers are still trying to develop affordable double-sided panels – able to capture both direct and reflected sunlight. Israeli startup bSolar says it has developed bifacial solar panels that can boost energy yield by up to 50 percent.

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Sustainability, a Strategic Imperative at Ford

Why sustainability is here to stay at Ford. By looking at the triple bottom line (environmental, social, and economic), we address the “root cause” of issues and make systemic, lasting change.