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Interview: CEO Masdar on the Largest Offshore Wind Farm Ever Built

The London Array is interesting in its own right, but the involvement of the UAE’s Masdar makes the project even more fascinating. Longtime readers know we’ve been covering Masdar for years, others may be scratching their heads and asking – why would a middle eastern energy company, overflowing with oil wealth, be investing in renewables?

The Issue is Trust, Not Pipelines vs. Railways

Keystone XL pipeline advocates have been quick to use the Lac-Mégantic disaster to bolster their oil pipelines vs. railways safety argument, but they could be causing the oil industry more harm than good.

Solar VC Investments Surge 50% Higher in 2Q 2013

Venture capital investments totaled $189 million across 19 transactions in 2Q 2013, with third-party solar energy finance companies gathering the lion’s share, according to Mercom Capital’s latest report.

GM and Honda Join Forces on Fuel Cell Vehicles

General Motors and Honda have decided to pool their considerable resources to bring a commercially viable fuel-cell vehicle to market by the end of this decade. Both companies have put considerable effort into this technology to date, amassing a total of over 1200 patents that were originally intended to exclude competitors from utilizing the innovations they cover. Now they have signed a “definitive master agreement” to co-develop technology related to fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems.

Politics of Climate Change: A Well-Oiled Machine

The politics of climate change are a lot like the politics of gun control, at least in the sense that President Obama meant when he asked in April 2013 how Congress could fail to deliver gun control legislation when 90% of the American public wants it. 

Ford Trends 2013: Opening the Highways to All Mankind

The purpose of last week’s conference was to discuss global mega-trends affecting brands, consumers, and institutions. Influential thinkers from Steve Wozniak to Seth Godin were in attendance, as were plenty of folks from Ford who sought to learn and offer perspectives through the lens of their company. Refreshingly, nothing was off limits in terms of conversation. Ford identified 13 trends to think about for 2013 and chose 5 of them to talk about in in-depth panels during the conference.

Volkswagen Sets New Sustainability Goals

Volkswagen’s Chattanooga Tenn. plant is the company’s flagship example that energy efficient plants are possible for the automotive leader – and that it can do even better in finding new ways to support the company’s “Think Blue” sustainable campaign.