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Will London be the Greenest Olympic Games Ever?

When London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, their aim was to make it the greenest, cleanest and most sustainable games ever held. Now with just barely two months left, the host city is scrambling to make good on its promise.

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Does BrightSource’s Shelved IPO Spell Trouble for the Solar Sector?

Recent developments like solar power-plant developer BrightSource Energy shelving its IPO, or full-service solar provider SolarCity announcing this week its plans to go public, have many industry stakeholders shrugging their shoulders as to what lies ahead for the future of the sector.


Renewable Aviation Fuel: Ready for Take-Off

Lack of information is hindering the take-off of the renewable aviation fuel market. aims to provide potential buyers with decision-making tools.


Swap, Don’t Shop: 4 Entrepreneurs Share Lessons From the Access Economy

The access economy has been growing tremendously in the last couple of years, becoming maybe the only good thing that came out of the recession. To discuss some of them, the Sustainable Business Committee for the Columbia Business School Alumni Club NY organized a very interesting panel with four entrepreneurs that are taking part in the sharing economy revolution.

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Germany Close to Slashing Solar Subsidies

The German government is close to slashing subsidies for solar energy by 20 to 40 percent despite solar’s success in reaching up to 25 gw in capacity.

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How Your Building Could Be Like the Empire State Building

Radiator Labs, a company formed by a group of students from Columbia University,  has come up with a radiator retrofit that could give any steam-heated building a little something in common with the Empire State Building. The iconic Empire State Building has been undergoing a LEED Gold makeover that includes energy saving retrofits for its … Continued


Top 25 Most Transit Friendly US Cities

The rising gas prices are forcing everybody to take a second look at how they commute. Now WalkScore is helping people do this. They recently released a report of the most transit-friendly cities in the United States. Cities were graded on how commuter-friendly they are, not just by ranking the quantity of transit available but … Continued

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“Drill, Baby, Drill” Will Not Decrease Gas Prices

The “drill, baby, drill” chant may not be heard as often as it was a few years ago, but the sentiment is still very much alive in Washington. However, data shows that the key to unlocking our nation’s energy security isn’t increased domestic production, but rather decreased domestic consumption.

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Fuel Cell Energy: Pros and Cons

What exactly is a fuel cell? You can think of it as a battery that you add fuel to, in order to keep it going. The fuel, which is always combined with oxygen (or air) to produce electricity, can be as simple as hydrogen. This is the cleanest energy source we know of, since the only byproduct is distilled water.


The Current State of Clean Energy

“The world’s energy system is being pushed to breaking point. Energy-related CO2 emissions are at historic highs, and under current policies, we estimate that energy use and CO2 emissions would increase by a third by 2020, and almost double by 2050. Many clean energy technologies are available but they are not being deployed quickly enough to avert potentially disastrous consequences.”