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VW Earns Top Honors for Sustainability & Carbon Disclosure

Volkswagen AG’s “green cred” got a big boost recently. The global automotive group earned top rankings in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the 2013 CDP Global Climate Change Report. It also signed a 20-year contract with Mexico Power Group to bring in 130-MW of wind power for its manufacturing facilities in Silao and Puebla.

SPECIAL SERIES: The Business Of Biking

Why Cities are Supporting Bike Sharing Programs

It’s a quiet revolution. More than 400 communities across the globe have endorsed bike sharing programs, and the numbers are continuing to climb. Cyclists can attest to the personal benefits of using a shared biking program, which are numerous. But what’s the appeal for cities? According to two experts we spoke to in Seattle, there is lots.

Google Buys 240MW of Wind Power in Texas

In its latest renewable energy buy, Google announced Tuesday that it will purchase the entire 240-megawatt output of a wind farm in the Texas Panhandle.

DOE Partners with Georgetown to Launch Small Town Energy Efficiency Prize

The DOE has signed an MOU to collaborate with Georgetown University in launching a 2-year, $5M energy efficiency competition open to 8,892 small and mid-sized communities across the nation. The initiative falls right in line with President Obama’s recently announced National Climate Change Action Plan, as well as sustainable cities and communities initiatives that have launched around the world in recent years.

America’s Power Plan: The Crucial Role of Distributed Resources

America’s power sector has been largely unchanged for many decades, yet faces the potential for drastic transformation in the years to come as a result of technological innovations and a changing mindset among consumers towards energy consumption.

Friday Fun: 4 Unexpected Energy Creators

 By Keith Patterson Renewable energy has seen significant growth over the past decade. While the most obvious projects use wind and solar to create usable power, some smaller-scale ideas have that same power coming from unexpected places. Here’s a look at what some green entrepreneurs were able to accomplish in the clean gadget industry. 1.       … Continued

Uber Offers Free Rides to Level Lyft

Mere weeks after securing a staggering $258 million in new funding from Google Ventures and TPG Capital, car-booking service Uber is already training its venture-infused guns on its closest competitor — Lyft. In response to Lyft’s launch in St. Paul, Phoenix and Indianapolis last week, Uber announced that it is offering free rides in these cities from Uberx — the lower-cost version of its premium booking service.