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The 10th Anniversary of the Northeast Blackout: Are We Any Better Off Today?

August 14, 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the Northeast Blackout and yet, Americans are still dependent on the same aging grid system that uses technology developed in the 1800s. Increasingly hotter summers and natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy will continue to put strain on the grid, hampering its ability to deliver reliable power. NRG Energy CEO David Crane discusses the new technologies that will help Americans utilize cleaner sources of energy, such as solar, and reduce their dependence on the current power grid.

How Skanska Uses Building Information Modeling to Design Better Buildings

The uptake of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is beginning to transform the green building landscape. For Skanska, using BIM enables it to deliver cost effective, energy efficient buildings with lower carbon footprints. This article explores these business benefits and why, for Skanska, BIM is the future of low carbon construction.

Sol Chip Creates the Everlasting Solar Battery

Limitless power has long been a dream for mankind. But when it comes to technology, sometimes baby steps are needed before the giant leap. Israeli Sol Chip has made one such step with its rechargeable solar-powered battery.

World Bank Steers Clear of Coal

In a recent policy directive, entitled, “Toward a Sustainable Energy Future for All,” the mega-financial institution said that they would focus on the poor, offering financial solutions or guarantees, while helping “client countries realize affordable alternatives to coal power.”

When it Comes to Distributed Solar Photovoltaics, the Devil’s in the Details

Earlier this month, the decision of APS—Arizona’s largest electric utility—to propose two major changes to its net metering program, one which would do away with the program entirely, has become the latest lightning rod fueling the growing tension between utilities and solar PV.