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Top Ten Voluntary Green Power Programs

A new survey from NREL rates the Top Ten utilities for voluntary green power programs, offering several different ways to measure the best one.

Biofuels Taking Off With United Airlines

United Airlines signed an agreement with AltAir Fuels of Seattle, a participant in the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest (SAFN) initiative, to purchase 15 million gallons of biofuel. According to United, the fuel will be a drop-in replacement for conventional fuel and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent with no loss in performance and no engine modifications required.

Giant Battery “EnStorage” Will Improve Cities Power Grids

When it comes to power grids, a major issue is the difference in consumption at different times. The solution could come in the form of giant batteries that store energy during off-peak hours – and release it when necessary.

Targeting Millennials, Marriott Looks to Hotel Sustainability

At a conference in Orlando last week (full disclosure: Marriott covered travel costs to Orlando), Marriott International executives had a message for some three thousand general managers of the company’s hotels. From now on, said the executives, Marriott would be tailoring its hotels – and its marketing efforts – toward Millennials, the generational cohort that … Continued

What Makes Solar Energy a Good Investment?

Solar energy is no longer just a feel-good investment – it can also be a great financial investment when paired with new kinds of investment marketplaces.