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Cleantech Accelerator Greenstart Evolves into Venture Company

Despite abandoning the accelerator model, far from backing away from promising young businesses, Greenstart plans to make investments in 10 to 12 “clean-web” companies this year, making them one of the most active investment entities operating in this space. The firm sees massive growth potential in energy and resource markets going forward.

Mahindra World City: The Future of Gated Communities?

Mahindra World City sets out to take the gated community concept – safe, separate, exclusive – and give it a sustainable spin. A “self-sustaining island of excellence”, no less, was the mandate given to the architects by the man behind the idea, Arun Nanda.

Why Solar Power is Pure ECO:nomics

At this year’s ECO:nomics Conference, energy leaders discussed the arrival of solar on the energy main stage. Learn about how an increasingly diverse energy market will rely significantly on the sun’s rays to power our lives.

Apple Adapts Quickly to a Coal-Free Future

The Apple renewable energy strategy has paid off, with the company achieving 75% renewable energy worldwide and 100% at data centers and other facilities. The strategy also demonstrates how forward-thinking companies are locking in rights to local renewable energy generation.

Methane Hydrates: Energy Salvation or Worst Thing Yet?

Last week, energy researchers in Japan made a dramatic breakthrough that could have huge implications for the entire world’s energy, and since these two things are now inextricably linked, climate, future.

Nascent U.S. Marine Energy Industry Can Benefit from UK Know How

As the U.S. looks to grow its emerging marine energy industry, the UK can serve as both a model of how to support industry growth and as a potential partner for gaining the necessary know how and expertise to jumpstart the U.S. market.

BMW Offers a Simple Cure for EV Range Anxiety: Rentals

BMW made a big splash in the electric vehicle market earlier this month, when word leaked out that the company’s new i3 EV might come with the offer of conventional loaner cars for i3 EV owners who need to go on long trips outside of their battery range. That’s a pretty tempting enticement for potential … Continued

How Smart Climate Control Benefits Employee Wellness

Indoor air pollution can pose a greater risk to those who work in offices and other buildings than that outdoors. Fortunately, enhancing the energy efficiency of and building intelligence into today’s climate control and HVAC systems goes hand in hand with enhancing employee wellness.

Reagan-Era Secretary of State Calls for Carbon Tax

Addressing an SRO crowd on Capitol Hill, Shultz,now an advisory board member of Partnership for a Secure America, spoke of an energy revolution as he urged Congress to overcome partisan rancor and take strong action on global warming.

SPECIAL SERIES: The Rise Of The Sharing Economy

Interview: Adam Werbach on Why Sharing is the New Shopping

Adam Werbach has déjà vu when discussing the sharing economy. It reminds him of talking about corporate sustainability in 2005 when people didn’t really get it yet. Fast forward to 2013 and corporate sustainability is a natural part of the conversation in the business world, at least at the GreenBiz forum, where he spoke last month. Now, he’s trying to bring the sharing economy into the mainstream.

Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year

Like the little engine that could, or the middle aged rock star that, after twenty years of struggling in sleazy dives has suddenly become an overnight sensation, solar power, has finally arrived and is good to go, in many places, without subsidies.