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Tata Motors Air Car—Is it Really Coming?

There been quite a bit of buzz for several years now about the Tata Motors MiniCAT Air Car, a car that could purportedly run entirely on compressed air. Tata made an agreement back in 2008 with Zero Pollution Motors to market the car in the US by the end of 2009. Then, early in 2009, Tata Motors’ vice-president S. Ravishankar told DNA Money the project was facing difficulties in terms of vehicle range and cooling. Now a report from the Australian web-based The Motor Report claims that the MiniCat will be on sale in India by August of 2012.

Why Energy Independence In Its Current Form is Actually a Bad Idea

One of the main stories the New York Times ran on its front page on Friday was on how the United States is getting closer to becoming independent from foreign energy sources. Another story the newspaper ran was on Obama’s support for the southern leg of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Both articles show how energy independence became extremely connected and depended on the rise of domestic gas and oil production.

oil well

Energy Secretary Chu Chooses Popularity Over Sustainability

In 2008, Stephen Chu, then Director of the Berkley Lawrence National Lab, said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe.” That was a very sane and rational statement for a scientist, who had been wrestling with the question of America’s energy future for some time, to make. It still is. America desperately needs to reduce her gasoline consumption for any number of reasons including the economy, our national security and the environment. We all know that our fossil fuel dependent economy is not sustainable for all those reasons. And there is no better way to reduce consumption then to increase prices. That has been proven every time prices have gone up. People start driving less and when they go shopping for a car, they actually pay attention to the gas mileage.


Pythagoras Solar: Solar-Paneled Windows To Generate Power For Buildings

Pythagoras Solar develops windows with built-in solar panels that increase energy efficiency and renewable power generation for buildings. The solar cells, based on patent-pending optical technology, are adaptable and can be installed in almost any kind of window.

new energy technologies and nrel develop transparent glass solar panels

New Energy Technologies Turns Windows into Invisible Solar Panels

In the new energy future, building owners can squeeze some extra value out of their property by installing rooftop solar panels or even integrating solar energy harvesting directly into roofing materials and exterior walls. Unfortunately for some buildings, windows take up a significant amount of surface area and are therefore lost to the cause…or are … Continued

google reclaims wastewater to cool data center in Douglas County, GA

Google Hitches a Ride on Wastewater’s Quiet Revolution

Google has been operating a municipal wastewater recovery and recycling system to cool its Douglas County, Georgia data center for the past couple of years without much fanfare, up until last week when its facilities manager decided to post a video about the system on googleblog. The short post unleashed a flood of snickering and … Continued

Green Earth Bamboo: A 6 Figure Green Internet Business on 10 Hours a Week

As Founder and Editor in Chief of  a blog about green business marketing,  I’m intrigued by social entrepreneur success stories and have been engaging in conversations with successful triple bottom line businesses on secrets to success. Of the many green businesses that have crossed my desk at Green Marketing TV, I love the story of … Continued

Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy teams with Trina to donate solar panels

Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy Joins Hands with Trina Solar

The solar panel manufacturer Trina Solar Limited is turning the U.S. philanthropic community on its head with a little help from actor Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey, of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, has lent his name to Trina’s new solar power initiative for schools, health clinics and other community service organizations. In the normal course … Continued


Snails and Cockroaches Become Living Batteries

Researchers found a way to implant snails with biofuel cells that can produce enough electricity to power small circuits. These cyborg snails might possibly be used for military purposes, as living sensors or detectors.