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Sustainability, a Strategic Imperative at Ford

Why sustainability is here to stay at Ford. By looking at the triple bottom line (environmental, social, and economic), we address the “root cause” of issues and make systemic, lasting change.

A ZipCar Min Cooper in Manhattan

Why Do Zipcar Users Abuse the Cars? 4 Lessons For the Access Economy

Two researchers try to figure out why consumers don’t take good care of their Zipcars and what we can learn from it on consumer-object and consumer-to-consumer relationships in the sharing economy overall. Their analysis generated four main findings that might be specific to Zipcar, but also provide valuable lessons to the rest of the access economy, including both peer-to-peer and market-mediated services.

Department of Defense collaborates on Future of Fuel

How to Choose Your “Fuel of the Future”

The vehicle fleet managers of today are dealing with a far more complicated fueling landscape than ever before, and that can throw an enormous roadblock in the way of companies seeking to improve the sustainability of their operations.


Energy Efficiency Financing: The Absent, Invisible Hand

Despite present market opportunities, over $50 billion in commercial sector and $80 billion in industrial sector, that would yield over $1.2 trillion in savings, the ‘free’ market has failed to finance retrofits.

DIRTT's Phoenix Factory

Dirtt Environmental Solutions: Doing it Right This Time

DIRTT allows building owners to easily reconfigure interiors from one tenant to the next, offering an 80 to 85 percent reuse of materials rather than heaps of metal studs and drywall headed to the landfill or the recycling warehouse. It allows architecture to be “responsive instead of static,”


Big Idea + People + Action = [The Story of] Change

In Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff’s latest film, The Story of Change, Leonard describes three steps to effect change – a big idea, believers, and action. With the formula, Leonard calls her audience to action.


The Tale of Two Cities’ Solar Solutions

The solar installations in both Baltimore and Tulare demonstrate that local governments and organizations can generate their own clean power from the sun while helping protect the environment, ensure their energy security and save money. These municipalities are two prime examples of how, over multiple project phases, coupling energy efficiency with on-site renewable energy facilities can facilitate sustainability.

Dell server

Interview with Dell’s VP of Corporate Responsibility, Trisa Thompson

Dell’s 2012 CSR report provides the latest example that you don’t need to choose now between the economy and the environment. Innovation is the way you can have both. Already a leader in sustainability, Dell continues to utilize innovation to be more sustainable and competitive – from using biodegradable materials such as bamboo and mushrooms for packaging to developing fresh-air cooling solutions for an entire line of data center equipment.