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Masdar's Knowledge Center & Library, built from recycled materials and certified sustainable wood.

Why Masdar Matters

Leon Kaye explains that Masdar City does not have it all right, nor should it: at a fundamental level, it is an experiment. And that is why this UAE hub is a leader.


This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be “Super Green”

For the past 18 years, the NFL has been trying to decrease the environmental footprint of the largest annual sporting event in the U.S. – the Super Bowl. This year, the NFL is trying to outdo itself yet again by making Super Bowl XLVI the greenest on record.

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Samsung Announces £100m Investment in Scotland’s Wind Energy Sector

Moving along with Scotland’s ambitious plans to be the European leader in wind energy, Samsung has announced that it will base its first European offshore wind project in Fife. The venture is said to be worth up to £100m and is expected to create 500 new jobs in the clean energy sector in Scotland. Korean-based Samsung … Continued


VC Cleantech Investments Down 4.5% in 2011

Venture capital investments in US cleantech fell 4.5% in 2011, though transaction numbers held steady, according to Ernst & Young, a relative victory given the difficult economic, market and industry conditions.


Renewable Energy Mergers and Acquisitions Surge 40% in 2011

Renewable energy merger and acquisitions surged 40% in 2011, with solar energy and energy efficiency leading the way, according to a PwC report. Larger, billion-dollar, deals dominated, a sign of the sector’s increasing maturity, but persistent EU debt problems and overcapacity will continue to plague the sector and M&A in 2012, PwC believes.

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Ford To Use Kenaf Plant Materials In New Escape

Following Ford’s recent announcement that they will use recycled plastic bottles for seat fabrics in the upcoming Focus Electric, the company’s efforts to increase the use of sustainable materials continues with the news that they will use kenaf plant fiber material for interior door bolsters for the new Escape. Kenaf, blended with polypropylene in a … Continued

Driving the Next Industrial Revolution Through Efficiency

By Ryan Matley, Rocky Mountain Institute President Obama’s call in his State of the Union address to capitalize on “the strongest two-year period of manufacturing growth since the 1990s” by encouraging businesses to bring work back to the United States can be accelerated with energy efficiency innovation. While Obama urged Congress to take a series … Continued


Swap-O-Matic – a Vending Machine that Promotes Sustainability

If you thought that vending machines that dispense nothing but baby carrots are the latest green innovation in this field, we’ve got news for you. There’s a vending machine that is far more progressive and innovative. It’s a vending machine that provides you with a “fun way to save the earth” and doesn’t even want any money in return. Intrigued? Welcome to the world of Swap-O-Matic.


Israeli Company to Open Solar Power Plant in Spain

AORA Solar, an Israeli developer of concentrated solar power, will be opening its second-ever gas-turbine solar thermal power station in Spain. The plant will answer the electricity needs of the local population and provide additional heat energy for an adjacent desalination facility.