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Solar Thermal: Pros and Cons – Part 2: Concentrating Solar Power

Concentrating solar collectors focus sunlight onto a central receiver, amplifying its intensity to achieve very high temperatures that can be converted to steam to drive an otherwise conventional thermal power plant or directly drive a heat engine. Unlike solar PV and solar heating and cooling, CSP adheres to the more traditional centralized utility model, where power is transmitted over long distances.

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FedEx Ramps Up Energy Efficiency Goals

FedEx Express announced this week that its entire vehicle feet is becoming more energy efficient at a faster rate than the company had originally planned.

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Solar Thermal: Pros and Cons – Part 1: Solar Heating and Cooling

The term solar thermal has been used to describe two different types of systems. One is where solar panels are used to collect heat, which is used directly, as domestic or process hot water, space heating, or in some cases, air conditioning. This is really the most basic form of solar energy utilization, which is commonly known as solar heating and cooling (SHC).


The True Costs of Paper

The truth is, we’ll probably never be paperless due to the many areas where digital simply can’t match the tried and true paper and pen. However, many parts of our society are still consuming far too much paper. Most paper consumption comes from an inability or unwillingness to change our ways, as well as a lack of clear incentives to entice a reduction in the usage of paper.


Smart Booth Transforms Lowly Phone Booth Into Solar Powered Community Hub

The phone booth has lagged far behind its mobile cousin, fast becoming a vandalism prone relic of a bygone time. The Smart Booth aims to change that, offering wifi, touch screen enabled local information, pollution monitoring, security surveillance useful to area police, and more.


Will London be the Greenest Olympic Games Ever?

When London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, their aim was to make it the greenest, cleanest and most sustainable games ever held. Now with just barely two months left, the host city is scrambling to make good on its promise.

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Does BrightSource’s Shelved IPO Spell Trouble for the Solar Sector?

Recent developments like solar power-plant developer BrightSource Energy shelving its IPO, or full-service solar provider SolarCity announcing this week its plans to go public, have many industry stakeholders shrugging their shoulders as to what lies ahead for the future of the sector.


Renewable Aviation Fuel: Ready for Take-Off

Lack of information is hindering the take-off of the renewable aviation fuel market. aims to provide potential buyers with decision-making tools.