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Startup Develops Floating Solar Farm

Instead of a land-based solar system, the company Solaris Synergy decided to develop a water-based technology. In other words: a floating solar power plant. According to the company, any fresh, salt or waste water surface can be turned into a solar energy platform.


Indirect Carbon Emissions and Why They Matter

By Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Carbon Trust Advisory Services   According to our recent research, a combination of regulation and consumer demand means that 93% of multinational companies are now taking steps to address carbon emissions directly related to their business. More companies are recognising that lowering their carbon emissions leads to reputational and efficiency gains, … Continued

Obama 2013 budget boosts domestic and national defense clean energy

National Defense and President Obama’s 2013 Clean Energy Budget

As far as clean energy and green jobs go, President Obama’s 2013 budget includes a Christmas-in-July package of initiatives that are designed to help pull the U.S. out of recession while transitioning the economy to cleaner, safer, more reliable and less price-spikey forms of energy.


New Green Business Model for Sustainable Finance

Emerging markets for environmental financial investment and trading continue to attract significant global investment interest from untraditional investment sources. The clean energy market is large, growing and global with higher rates of market acceptance than anyone anticipated.


Survey Shows Sustainability is Not on CEOs’ Radar Yet

According to the latest PwC Annual Global CEO Survey sustainability is still far from being on the radar of most CEOs worldwide. Looking at the key findings we show why it shouldn’t be this way.


Washington Non-Profit Lights Up the World One Village at a Time

Solar energy is one of the most widely available forms of renewable energy, especially in the developing world where plenty of sunshine is available. Around the world, 1.5 billion people still live without access to power. This is where the Washington based, non-profit organization Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) comes in. SELF believes that energy … Continued

Primus Green Energy makes gasoline from wood pellets

Primus Green Energy Pitches Home Grown Gasoline

A U.S. biofuel company called Primus Green Energy has come up with a biofuel processing system that offers the gasoline version of the distributed energy trend. Rather than pushing for the construction of large, centrally located biofuel plants, the company is focusing on a relatively modest scale, in which its facilities would draw feedstock from … Continued


Cleantech Accelerator Greenstart Launches Design Practice

many big changes [ in clean-tech] come in the second chapter we are now in, where software and IT will be critical; it’s now about the “energy internet.” This involves innovations around using energy more efficiently: How do you move it around? how do you push energy back to the grid? and how do you start making money? “IT has the ability to unlock the big changes.”


Autodesk: Redefining Sustainability

Autodesk’s second annual Sustainability Summit focuses on a new definition for sustainability and how their partners and customers utilize Autodesk tools to help realize a vision of a better world through sustainable development.

Solar Reserve builds world's largest solar thermal plant in Nevada

Solar Thermal Plant in Nevada Hits a Milestone, So Does U.S. Solar Industry

The solar power company Solar Reserve has just announced a major construction milestone for its billion-dollar Crescent Dunes solar thermal project in Nevada, with the completion of the plant’s signature 540-foot central tower. That puts Crescent Dunes on track to begin operating in less than two years, following what has been a decades-long program of … Continued


Finally, a Personal Solar Charger for the Masses

While there have been 100s of solar powered mobile device chargers put out on the market, Charger’s new system has done what’s needed to happen all along: Allow your device to be charged at your convenience, rather then when you happen to be out in the sun. Add competitive and social aspects, along with tangible real world rewards, and this has potential for huge impact.