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Why We Need to Get Serious About Creating a Sustainable Future

Governments the world over have been baffled as they seek to address these challenges, not least because of their continuing dependency on hydrocarbon-based energy solutions. This is understandable; it’s hard to wean society off a source of energy that has helped humankind develop by leaps and bounds in the space of a century.

Proof of Concept:  PlanetSolar's Turanor Cruises the Mediterranean (Stock photo)

Is There a Future in Solar Boats?

One of the highlights of this year’s World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi was a tour of Planet Solar’s incredible solar powered yacht – the Turanor.  The largest solar powered boat ever to set sail, the Turanor is on the final leg of a round-the-world tour, the first time anyone has managed to sail … Continued

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More Fuel Efficient Cars Spell Less Money For Mass Transit

Consumer Reports characterized this year’s North American International Auto show as “the rise of the mainstream plug-in hybrid,” foretelling a definite trend that’s emerging among automakers: fuel-efficiency is becoming the name of the game. This is great news for the environment, and for consumers, but with the vehicle fleet becoming more efficient in the USA, … Continued


Oxfam UK Promotes Second-Hand Haute Couture

Oxfam has always been the front-runner when it comes to second-hand clothing, books, and music shopping in the UK. All Oxfam shops also have an excellent collection of Fairtrade goods. Oxfam has about 700 shops in the UK and donations of unwanted goods are resold to help support the charity’s work. Every year, Oxfam has … Continued


10 Green Building Predictions for 2012

These trends, which range from a boom in certified multi-family construction to the advent of consumer friendly home energy technology, were identified by us based on discussions with a broad range of audiences over the latter part of 2011.


California Utility Adds Over 200 Megawatts of Wind and Solar

The large California utility company, Pacific, Gas & Electric (better known as PG&E) added over 220 megawatts (MW) of wind and solar power last year. One of the largest combined natural gas and electricity utilities in the US, PG&E also signed contracts for 463 MW of new renewable energy, including 263 MW of wind. About … Continued


Bill Richardson: We Need an “Arab Spring” for the Environment

Former Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has spent the last few days in Abu Dhabi at the World Future Energy Summit discussing renewable energy and sustainability issues with world leaders and luckily for us, a few bloggers. Our conversation this morning was a mostly optimistic look at the inevitability of renewable energy’s … Continued


India Emerges as Solar Energy Hotspot

A growing host of India’s business conglomerates is leveraging the Indian government’s national solar energy program and investing in the sector, that latest being the Bhanshali group’s Talma Chemical Industries. Talma’s Visual Percept Solar Projects intends to invest in building 100-MW of solar energy generation capacity.

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond Discusses the Masdar Partnership

Abu Dhabi to Power Scotland’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Last week we reported on Scotland’s ambitious target to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2020.  It turns out a major component of the plan may derive from another ambitious development – a tight partnership with Abu Dhabi on technology development and investment.  Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond outlined the agreement today at the World Future Energy Summit … Continued


Ban Ki Moon Talks Big About Future Energy

As an American, I’m always a little doubtful about how much good the United Nations can actually accomplish – especially when it comes to radically changing the face of worldwide energy production. Nonetheless, Ban Ki Moon gave a motivated and well-thought-out talk this morning at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.  Even if it … Continued