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Fox News: High Gas Prices Not the President’s Fault, Unless It’s Obama

Ever since Bill Clinton pointed out that, “it’s the economy, stupid,” presidential campaigns have tended to focus on the economy. But now that the unemployment rate is showing signs of improvement, with some experts predicting a drop below 8% by year-end, Republicans and their media allies are scratching around for another issue to frame their 2012 election bid around. What about gas prices?


Greenstart Adds $100k in Funding Offer for Entrepreneurs

Greenstart is a San Francisco-based startup accelerator focused on helping entrepreneurs build successful companies at the intersection of cleantech and IT. So far its offer to entrepreneurs included mentorship, assistance with product design, legal help, introduction to investors and $25,000 in seed funding.


IBM Pulse2012: Smarter Hospitals

Turning a hospital into a smarter building employs many of the same strategies as buildings in other industries, but hospitals have some unique infrastructure challenges and the results can have a large impact not only on building costs, but better patient health and experience.

energy upgrades for barracks in Fort Carson

Fort Carson Mines an Old Building for $15 Million in Savings

When it comes to energy upgrades for existing buildings, the first bottom line benefit that comes to mind is of course the energy savings. The experience of Fort Carson in Colorado offers another perspective, which is avoiding the cost of constructing a new building to the same specifications. The case in point is the recently completed … Continued


IBM PULSE2012: Smarter Buildings

Smart buildings can not only conserve energy and gas, but reduce operation costs, improve safety systems and inform the use of space.

Army launches test of fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii with cars from GM

Hawaii Becomes Test Lab for GM Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cells hold great promise as an emission-free way to power cars and other vehicles, but range is the bottleneck. Without a national infrastructure to support fuel cell re-fueling, drivers are pretty much stuck to a network of local charging stations. That could change fairly rapidly, if a test under way by the Department of … Continued


IBM PULSE2012: Data Drives A Smarter Planet

IBM’s A Smarter Planet initiative posits that data is the key to sustainability and their focus on asset and facilities management of buildings, campuses and cities will make a huge impact on a world that is moving toward ever-increasing urbanization.


Philips Makes the Business Case for Sustainability

Philips’ 2011 sustainability report includes many interesting achievements and developments of the company, which together portray not just the picture of a company that is very serious about sustainability, but also of a company that is a good example of the business case of sustainability, with its innovative healthcare and lighting products, multi-stakeholder engagement approach and even beautiful recycled coffee machines.


One More Time: Clean Energy Standard Act Introduced in Congress

Sen. John Bingaman and supporters are once again introducing federal legislation that would require power utilities to generate electricity from clean energy sources. Though the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 is once again likely to be shot down in Congress, the push for a long overdue overhaul of federal energy policy focused on clean energy looks certain to be a “hot button” issue right through the November elections.


Beyond Lighting Retrofits: Grainger Helps Companies and Institutions Embrace Sustainability

Grainger has actively worked to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its own operations by investing in LEED certified facilities, building out sustainable product offerings and educating its team. Now increasingly, the company provides sustainability consulting support to its customers, and a suite of certified sustainable products.


Trendwatch 2012: LEEDing the Recovery?

Maybe it’s time to start thinking differently about green and smart buildings. Expand the skyline, so to speak. A better approach — and one that is gaining increasing attention and study — would be to plan and work for green, sustainable and carbon-neutral cities.


Lego Invests $532 Million in Wind Energy

The world’s most famous toy company, Lego, recently announced a massive investment in wind energy. Kirkbi A/S, the family holding company that owns Lego, will be buying wind turbines for almost $532 million for a 32 percent stake in DONG Energy‘s 277-megawatt Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind farm, which is scheduled to be fully operational in 2015. According … Continued