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What a Toilet Paper Launch Can Teach Us About Innovation

Innovations sometimes fail not because of any inherent fault of their own. And if they do fail once, they’re seldom given a second chance. Which, in many cases, is a terrible waste of a good idea.


The Hottest Places for Solar Panels

Levels of solar radiation vary dramatically between countries, as do the various subsidies available. Where in the world is the best place to live to benefit from solar panels when these two factors are combined, and should there be more funding for solar power in sunnier countries?

New Life for a 100-Year-Old Flour Mill

The Hayden Flour Mill currently stands derelict and deserted like a sentinel at the century-old cornerstone entry to the city of Tempe at the base of a hill steps away from the Salt River.


Has the Clean Energy Boom Gone Bust?

Well, the vultures might be circling, but they might have to wait a while to pick the bones of the CleanTech industry, which by many accounts, is still far from dead. Juliet Ellperin wrote in this month’s Wired, that the CleanTech boom has gone bust, comparing it to both the Internet bubble and the housing bubble. But a number of experts are forecasting significant growth for the renewable sector despite several mitigating factors.

Columbia Engineering creates energy map for NYC buildings

Lessons from a Colorful Map of NYC Energy Use in Buildings

A team of researchers at Columbia Engineering has launched an interactive online energy map that breaks down the patterns of power consumption in practically every building in all five boroughs of New York City. Though the map is based on estimates rather than actual metered data, it does provide an easy way to compare real-life … Continued

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India Leads With $10.3bn in Clean Energy Investments

Bloomberg recently reported that India’s clean tech investments, “reached $10.3bn in 2011, some 52 percent higher than the $6.8bn invested in 2010. This was the highest growth figure of any significant economy in the world. There is plenty of room for further expansion – in 2011, India accounted for 4 percent of global investment in clean energy.” … Continued


The Green Economy: Does It Include You?

This story, our story, is like a dream where we dream we are falling– falling into a climate that is spinning out of control, falling into an economic crisis that has left millions impoverished, falling into dependence on a dwindling energy supply that is largely in the hands of those we don’t trust. The only thing that can save us from this “bad dream,” is for us to awaken in time. But we must all awaken together for it to work. And the thing that we must do when we all awaken together, to save ourselves, is to embrace the Green Economy.

Masdar's Knowledge Center & Library, built from recycled materials and certified sustainable wood.

Why Masdar Matters

Leon Kaye explains that Masdar City does not have it all right, nor should it: at a fundamental level, it is an experiment. And that is why this UAE hub is a leader.


This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be “Super Green”

For the past 18 years, the NFL has been trying to decrease the environmental footprint of the largest annual sporting event in the U.S. – the Super Bowl. This year, the NFL is trying to outdo itself yet again by making Super Bowl XLVI the greenest on record.

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Samsung Announces £100m Investment in Scotland’s Wind Energy Sector

Moving along with Scotland’s ambitious plans to be the European leader in wind energy, Samsung has announced that it will base its first European offshore wind project in Fife. The venture is said to be worth up to £100m and is expected to create 500 new jobs in the clean energy sector in Scotland. Korean-based Samsung … Continued