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Disclosing Energy Use: A Disruptive Innovation?

Laws requiring building owners to report their properties’ energy use are gaining momentum, and the number of cities that require public disclosure of this data is expected to sharply increase in coming years. Is all this new data the groundwork for disruptive innovation?


$20 Recyclable Cardboard Bicycle Is Now A Reality

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni, along with his business partner Nimrod Elmish, will soon begin the mass-production of a cardboard bike. The durable, lightweight and eco-friendly vehicle will go into production within six months and is expected to be sold with a $20 price tag.

Solar Panels for Your Home: Easier Than You Think

While it may not be immediately possible to produce 100% of the electricity a home needs, putting solar panels on your home is much easier than you think. It’s a simple, and surprisingly affordable upgrade that can cut electricity bills and add value to the re-sale value of a home.


Arab-Israeli Team Develops Innovative Clean Energy Solution

Four Arab-Israeli engineers are currently working on a solution that could revolutionize the way poor industrialized countries produce and consume energy. The company has recently won the EU’s EUREKA grant and plans on making their unique solar technology operational within two years.

Cool Planet successfuly tests low cost biofuel

Google Tests On-Site Biofuel Production

The company Cool Planet Energy Systems has an intriguing idea about biofuel: instead of churning out fuel from large, central refineries, Cool Planet would rather manufacture modular, shippable micro-biorefineries and sell them to you for on-site biofuel production. According to Cool Planet, the system can produce biofuel for only $1.50 per gallon. According to Cool … Continued

the rising cost of coal mining

Rising Cost of Coal Mining Makes Wind Power Look Even Better

While the cost of wind power has been dropping, a fascinating article in The Washington Post describes how coal mining is becoming more difficult and expensive. The coal industry cites environmental regulations as the main source of upward pressure on costs but WaPo writer Steven Mufson makes a convincing case that factors within the coal … Continued

Bike share in Beijing

How The New Mobility Grid Can Spark Transportation Solutions

Imagine a day when steps from your door, you could enter a vital network or grid of New Mobility options, places that connect a whole range of transport amenities including buses, trains, parking, streetcars, clean fuel taxis, auto rickshaws and car share or bike share vehicles. Would you still need your car?

biodico builds new biorefinery for navy biofuel

U.S. Navy Receives New Biorefinery for Practically Nothing

The California-based company Biodico has announced that it will build a new biorefinery at Naval Base Ventura County, with the goal of producing biofuel for the Navy that costs no more than petroleum products. The Navy isn’t paying for the refinery, though. The innovative facility was developed with the support of grants from the California … Continued


Accessing Ocean Waves to Power Homes

Marine Hydro Kinetics (MHK) is a nascent group of technical strategies chomping at the bit to become an industry aimed at harvesting energy from various bodies of water.