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GE’s Newest Jet Engine Beams in for Creative Week NYC

GE’s new GEnx jet engine is currently on “virtual” display in New York’s DUMBO neighborhood via a revolutionary hologram display. It’s all a part of Creative Week New York and is open to the public all week.


Bloom Energy to Double Manufacturing Capacity for Fuel Cells

After quadrupling the size of its Sunnyvale plant last year, Bloom Energy has now broken ground on a 210,000 sq ft. facility in Newark, Delaware that will eventually double its capacity once again. While the cells themselves require time to heat up, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the company’s sales, which seem to be taking off quickly, if their level of fundraising is any indication.


EnergySaver Mobile App Helps You Save Money

Mobiles apps are not only for fun but are also extremely useful in many instances. With smart phones soon becoming the norm, technology for apps has been on an upswing with developers coming up with more innovative apps to suit every lifestyle need. Using less energy and water has also gotten easier with mobile apps. … Continued

president obama unveils bioeconomy blueprint

Finding Your Place in the Bioeconomy Blueprint

Last week, President Obama laid out an ambitious plan to channel scientific innovation into economic growth, called the National Bioeconomy Blueprint. The Blueprint is heavily focused on “green” chemistry, and that’s good news for companies, investors, and workers that are involved in biofuels, bioplastics and other products based on sustainable alternatives to petroleum. However, that … Continued


Warby Parker: An Eyeglass Company with an Inspiring Vision

Last Friday I had an experience many of you may share: wandering around the optical shop after an eye exam, eyes blurry and cartoonishly dilated, looking at potential glasses for the first time. Though I could barely see, I saw something was extremely off: the prices of the glasses themselves. A basic level pair was … Continued


EPA Protects West Coast Ports Besieged by Coal

Coal ports in the Northwest threaten the regions work to reduce pollution and embrace clean energy. In a long-awaited move, the EPA has called in the Army Corps of Engineers to review plans for West Coast coal ports. Finally, alarmed environmentalists and frightened local residents are getting help from the Federal government.

Obama Administration announces new green button partners

Green Button Energy Program Gathers Steam

Earlier this year the Obama Administration launched the ambitious Green Button initiative, designed to help utility companies across the nation coordinate new energy-saving technologies with startups and other innovators. Green Button calls for the utility sector to standardize its energy data and make it available to consumers in a user-friendly format online. The underlying goal … Continued


EPA Offers Free Solar & Wind Tools to Tap into Gigawatts of Energy

There are more than 490,000 potentially contaminated properties covering some 15 million acres of land across the US. Aiming to help local communities and landowners make good use of them, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Renewable Energy (NREL) on April 25 launched a set of tools that enable communities and landowners to evaluate contaminated and underutilized properties’ renewable energy potential.