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Glasgow Set to Become Center for Scottish Renewable Energy

The city of Glasgow is home to International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone (ITREZ) which is a research facility for renewable energy. Over the next 10 years, there is a planned investment of £100 billion in offshore wind energy.

Ameresco builds wastewater-to-biogas facility for Philadelphia

Philadelphia Lands on the Biogas Map

“Waste not, want not,” Philadelphia resident Benjamin Franklin famously said, and the home of the Liberty Bell has taken his words to heart. Instead of flaring off waste gas from the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the Philadelphia Water Department has teamed up with the renewable energy company Ameresco to build a $47.5 million wastewater-to-biogas facility with a capacity of 5.6 megawatts.

Three Ways to Manage Rising Gas Prices

By Derek Singleton There’s been a steady stream of articles about rising gas prices here on Triple Pundit. Some have looked at what the impacts of higher gas prices will be while others have acknowledged that they aren’t going lower and asked if your business is ready for the “new normal” of high fuel prices. … Continued

Is Shale Gas Good or Bad? Panelists and the Audience at KPMG Summit are Split

“Is the emergence of shale gas a positive or negative development with respect to sustainability?” This was one of the most interesting questions discussed on one of the panels at KPMG’s Global Summit last week in New York. Given the growth of both interest and dispute around shale gas, the question was basically if shale gas is a bridge to a sustainable future or a bridge to nowhere.


Will Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Be the Greenest Building Ever?

Apple’s new “spaceship” building in Cupertino promises to be not only the most technologically advanced office in the world, but it makes a big effort to be sustainable, boasting 100 percent energy self-sufficiency.

Gas prices in Rocky Mt., VA

5 Outcomes of Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices are up now and while the reasons change every time, this trend is nothing but new, no matter how surprised we are to find the new prices hanging on a sign at the gas station. This is why it’s actually not difficult to see what’s going to happen next. Here are five outcomes to expect in the upcoming months.

Half A Billion Acts of Green Have Now Been Completed

Back in 2010, in the months preceding the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day an ambitious campaign, called A Billion Acts of Green was launched to inspire individuals all around the world, to make a commitment to reduce their impact on the planet. Today, The Earthday Network, announced that they have reached the halfway … Continued

Synergy2-460x250 (1)

Startup Develops Floating Solar Farm

Instead of a land-based solar system, the company Solaris Synergy decided to develop a water-based technology. In other words: a floating solar power plant. According to the company, any fresh, salt or waste water surface can be turned into a solar energy platform.


Indirect Carbon Emissions and Why They Matter

By Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Carbon Trust Advisory Services   According to our recent research, a combination of regulation and consumer demand means that 93% of multinational companies are now taking steps to address carbon emissions directly related to their business. More companies are recognising that lowering their carbon emissions leads to reputational and efficiency gains, … Continued

Obama 2013 budget boosts domestic and national defense clean energy

National Defense and President Obama’s 2013 Clean Energy Budget

As far as clean energy and green jobs go, President Obama’s 2013 budget includes a Christmas-in-July package of initiatives that are designed to help pull the U.S. out of recession while transitioning the economy to cleaner, safer, more reliable and less price-spikey forms of energy.


New Green Business Model for Sustainable Finance

Emerging markets for environmental financial investment and trading continue to attract significant global investment interest from untraditional investment sources. The clean energy market is large, growing and global with higher rates of market acceptance than anyone anticipated.