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The Evolution of the Green Data Center

A few years ago, data center managers on the bleeding edge were talking about using outside air to cool servers. Now the race to net zero (net zero energy, net zero electricity or net zero carbon) has become more complex.


UK Wind Company Has Announced £1bn Investment in Wind Farm

Renewable energy developer Burcote Wind has recently announced a £1bn investment in wind farm projects across Scotland which could create almost 600 jobs and power over half a million homes. The UK firm which has its headquarters in Dunfermline, plans to develop 10 wind farms at locations across Scotland. They are targeting a total installation of … Continued


Philips Defends New Energy Efficient Light Bulb

Just when you thought all was quiet on the light bulb front, along comes another spoon of outrage to stir the pot. The latest trouble bubbled up last week with an article in the Washington Post under the rather overheated headline “Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag.” Things went quickly downhill from there … Continued


Tweet to Trim SXSWi’s Carbon Footprint

Austin-based Green Mountain Energy Company has issued a challenge to SXSW attendees, speakers, fans and even those who were not able to attend, but wish they were there – spread the word and offset the conference’s carbon footprint.


IBM Pulse2012: Smarter Cities

While smart buildings and campuses show amazing results due to asset management and building improvements that impact energy use, spatial planning and inhabitant safety, smart cities go beyond structural enhancements to impacting urban planning, environment, energy and water, transportation, education, health, public safety and government and agency administration.

Approved Temperature and Relative Humidity Ranges

Why Data Centers Don’t Need to Be Cooled to Arctic Temperatures

Data centers no longer need to be kept at frigid temperatures to prevent server failure. In many U.S. cities, outside air can be used to cool data centers most of the year as long as there are also filters to keep out combustion pollution, pollen and dirt. This can lead to enormous savings on electricity and a reduced carbon footprint.


Fox News: High Gas Prices Not the President’s Fault, Unless It’s Obama

Ever since Bill Clinton pointed out that, “it’s the economy, stupid,” presidential campaigns have tended to focus on the economy. But now that the unemployment rate is showing signs of improvement, with some experts predicting a drop below 8% by year-end, Republicans and their media allies are scratching around for another issue to frame their 2012 election bid around. What about gas prices?


Greenstart Adds $100k in Funding Offer for Entrepreneurs

Greenstart is a San Francisco-based startup accelerator focused on helping entrepreneurs build successful companies at the intersection of cleantech and IT. So far its offer to entrepreneurs included mentorship, assistance with product design, legal help, introduction to investors and $25,000 in seed funding.


IBM Pulse2012: Smarter Hospitals

Turning a hospital into a smarter building employs many of the same strategies as buildings in other industries, but hospitals have some unique infrastructure challenges and the results can have a large impact not only on building costs, but better patient health and experience.

energy upgrades for barracks in Fort Carson

Fort Carson Mines an Old Building for $15 Million in Savings

When it comes to energy upgrades for existing buildings, the first bottom line benefit that comes to mind is of course the energy savings. The experience of Fort Carson in Colorado offers another perspective, which is avoiding the cost of constructing a new building to the same specifications. The case in point is the recently completed … Continued


IBM PULSE2012: Smarter Buildings

Smart buildings can not only conserve energy and gas, but reduce operation costs, improve safety systems and inform the use of space.

Army launches test of fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii with cars from GM

Hawaii Becomes Test Lab for GM Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cells hold great promise as an emission-free way to power cars and other vehicles, but range is the bottleneck. Without a national infrastructure to support fuel cell re-fueling, drivers are pretty much stuck to a network of local charging stations. That could change fairly rapidly, if a test under way by the Department of … Continued