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Video Interview: Brooklyn Brewery COO, Eric Ottaway

Eight years ago, wanting to help keep a power plant out of their neighborhood, Brooklyn Brewery made the commitment to operate using 100% wind-power. This generated not only a lot of electricity but made a bold statement to their community. They serve as the first company in NYC to be fully wind-powered.

Exclusive Interview: BMWi Radical Innovation In Mobility

The mobile electron is a 21st century mega-trend. What do I mean by “mobile electron?” It is a technology revolution enabled by a synergy of digital electronics, an emerging smarter grid, the explosion in consumer/business access to mobile communications and the increasingly intellegent mobile app that is delivering a cleaner, more efficient and mobile human … Continued

A123 Systems

Will A123 Systems’ New Battery Technology Save It From Becoming Another Solyndra?

A123 Systems’ announcement on its new battery technology came just two weeks after the company warned that it may not be able to stay in business unless it will be able to secure more financing. While funding remains an issue, the troubled battery maker at least now has something that might be the light at the end of the tunnel. But will it be enough to save it from becoming another Solyndra?

Saab 9-3

Saab’s New Chapter: Manufacturing Electric Cars for the Chinese Market

Earlier this week, a Chinese-Swedish-Japanese investment group has agreed to buy bankrupt car maker for an undisclosed sum and announced it will aim to make electric vehicles. The group plans to keep manufacturing the Saabs in Sweden, while focusing initially its marketing efforts on China, which is projected to be the largest and most important EV market.


Intel Reduces GHG Emissions by 60% Under 2007 Baseline

Intel, a world leader in computing innovation, has provided public reports on its environmental, health and safety performance since 1994 and produced an annual Corporate Responsibility Report since 2001. 2012 is no exception. This year’s report focuses on three main factors – environmental, governance and social – and records the company’s success in achieving goals … Continued

Air Force helps to fund research into low cost biofuels

New Air Force-Funded Process Could Make Biofuels Competitive with Fossil Fuels

Last month, some members of Congress voted to squeeze biofuels out of contention for Department of Defense fuel contracts by setting the bar at relatively low fossil fuel prices. However, a new biofuel project partly funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research could lead to low cost biofuels that meet the new standard. The … Continued


Video Interview: Sierra Nevada’s Terence Sullivan

Veterans to the craft beer scene, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. serves as an inspiration. Driven by the edict reduce, reuse, recycle, Sierra Nevada takes its commitment to the environment seriously. For instance, the brewery recovers and recycles 95% of all CO2 produced during fermentation and then reuses it.


Vampire Electronics: Fighting Back

Image from By Jeff Schwartz Everyday we’re surrounded by vampires, electricity vampires that is. While we may not think about it there are many products that are consuming vast amounts of energy that go completely unnoticed. The vampire products and vampire energy (the energy consumed by an appliance or electronic device while turned off … Continued