This category is climate change in relation to sustainability and CSR and how these segments effect one another. This includes how climate change has started to cause a wide range of physical effects with serious implications for investors and businesses, and how the business sector discloses climate risks and manage them.

open loop recycling, Leon Kaye

3 Great Open Loop Recycling Projects

Open loop recycling is still going strong and is a value-added proposition for companies that generate a lot of plastic throughout their operations.


Dunkin’ Donuts Commits to 100% Sustainable Palm Oil

Another major food company joined the ranks of companies with commitments to buy 100 percent sustainably sourced palm oil. The company is Dunkin’ Brands Group, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, and the New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli made the announcement a few weeks ago.

Natural gas bridge

Methane Hydrates: Energy Salvation or Worst Thing Yet?

Last week, energy researchers in Japan made a dramatic breakthrough that could have huge implications for the entire world’s energy, and since these two things are now inextricably linked, climate, future.

Shultz Portrait - 2010

Reagan-Era Secretary of State Calls for Carbon Tax

Addressing an SRO crowd on Capitol Hill, Shultz,now an advisory board member of Partnership for a Secure America, spoke of an energy revolution as he urged Congress to overcome partisan rancor and take strong action on global warming.

solar panel;

Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year

Like the little engine that could, or the middle aged rock star that, after twenty years of struggling in sleazy dives has suddenly become an overnight sensation, solar power, has finally arrived and is good to go, in many places, without subsidies.

Big Coke

NY Soda Ban Goes Down and Mississippi Passes Anti-Bloomberg Bill

Tuesday was supposed to be a day of celebration for NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, when the new limits he proposed on big, sugary drinks were supposed to take effect. Yet, on Monday a judge blocked the proposed ban making many New Yorkers happy knowing that the large soda drinks are not going anywhere. At least not for now.

Oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico from the Taylor Energy leak.

The Oil Leak in the Gulf We’re Not Supposed to Know About

Six environmental groups have served a freedom-of-information lawsuit to the US Coast Guard in an attempt to learn more about an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that has been ongoing for eight years. The spill is allegedly coming from from a number of wells belonging to Taylor Energy. The Coast Guard has provided minimal information about this leak despite several FOIA requests.


Top Ten Effects of Global Warming on Business

According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), “one thing is clear: businesses, governments and communities across the world need to plan for a warming world – not just 2C, but 4C or even 6C.” Given this cheery prologue, what are the characteristics that businesses should be preparing for as we look forward to a destabilizing climate?

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Why Global Food Solutions Need Women

“We need women playing a role at all levels, from product development to government policy – alongside their role as consumers, making choices for themselves and their families. Many women do not realise the huge impact they could have on society and the environment.”