This category is climate change in relation to sustainability and CSR and how these segments effect one another. This includes how climate change has started to cause a wide range of physical effects with serious implications for investors and businesses, and how the business sector discloses climate risks and manage them.


How the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Drought Can Be Lessened… Within Limits

The terrible drought that is wringing the life out of crops over a large swath of the country, especially in the Midwest, has understandably been in the news. There have been warnings about rising food prices, and the cost to taxpayers for disaster relief to farmers and big insurance companies that are subsidized by the federal government.

Area of the North American ECA

Controlling Ship Pollution: As Easy as ECA?

What some are hailing as landmark international regulations to reduce air pollution from ships in North American waters took effect this month. It’s called an Emission Control Area, or ECA, and it is now in place a mere two years after the International Maritime Organization approved an application from the U.S. and Canada to create this “lower pollution zone.”

drought corn

Should the U.S. Halt Corn Ethanol Production During the Drought?

Last week, the director-general of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization told the Financial Times that the US should suspend its binding biofuel mandates in light of the looming food crisis. Is that necessary? And what will it do to energy prices?

Sea Ice Melting

Sea Ice Melting at Alarming Rate

June saw the largest loss of sea ice since we’ve been keeping records. What can we do to halt the melt?

Air conditioning

Is Air Conditioning Heating Up the Planet?

Stan Cox is a senior researcher at the Land Institute. His book, Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air Conditioned World, describes the threat that our ever-increasing need for air conditioning poses to efforts to maintain our planetary climate within its natural limits.

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Adidas Rolls Out Waterless “DryDye” T-Shirt

Adidas is in the race with Nike and Puma to manufacture athletic apparel more responsibly and sustainably. To that end, the company recently produced 50,000 DryDye t-shirts that were dyed without using any water.


Sustainability at Red Lobster and the Olive Garden

Last week, Darden Restaurants, Inc., the umbrella corporation for restaurant chains such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and LongHorn Steakhouse, released its 2012 sustainability report, hitting another benchmark in its CSR efforts. The report highlights the progress Darden has made in all areas of sustainability within its over 1,900 restaurants, 180,000 employees, and global supply … Continued