This category is climate change in relation to sustainability and CSR and how these segments effect one another. This includes how climate change has started to cause a wide range of physical effects with serious implications for investors and businesses, and how the business sector discloses climate risks and manage them.

U.S. Government Achieves Renewable Energy Goals

The award of a competitive 10-year power supply contract with MG2 Tribal Energy’s Walnut Creek wind farm puts the GSA on track to meet 2020 renewable energy goals.

Could Hydrogen Peroxide Stop Global Starvation?

That product we sterilize cuts, bites and scrapes with is amazing stuff. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been used for years to extend the life of produce during shipments. Now an Israeli company that manufactures proprietary mixtures containing the ingredient thinks we can do better than that: If stabilized, H2O2 can extend the life of foods in shipments, well, can’t it help solve famine?