This category is climate change in relation to sustainability and CSR and how these segments effect one another. This includes how climate change has started to cause a wide range of physical effects with serious implications for investors and businesses, and how the business sector discloses climate risks and manage them.

Water-Energy Nexus

Abu Dhabi Blogging Competition: Two Winners!

The winning post was submitted by Dallas Blaney a professor of public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Among the 6 finalists were posts from 2 regular TriplePundit writers, RP Siegel and Tom Schueneman. Their posts, and those of the other 4 finalists were as follows


Fiscal Cliff Deal Extends Biofuel Credits

The New Year’s fiscal cliff deal has received quite a bit of press. We have already discussed the significance of extending the Wind Production Tax Credit. Less well known is the inclusion of measures included in the deal to revive tax credits for advanced biofuels.


How Satellites Can Be Used to Track World Pollution

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have produced quality analysis of pollution in major cities around the world – using readings taken in outer space. Using eight years’ worth of data collected by NASA satellites, the researchers tracked pollution trends for 189 megacities.

Navajo power plant

The Year for Big Coal – Not So Big

Coal is on the run and battling on many fronts – 2012 may turn out to be a watershed year in its downward spiral. This is the type of momentum that can’t be reversed – can it?

coal burning

Coal’s Share of World Energy Mix Hits Record High

A recent Worldwatch Institute report points out that while oil still represents the largest energy source, both coal and natural gas have seen significant increases in production and consumption. The increase comes, despite rising global awareness of carbon’s role in causing climate change, and despite coal being the largest carbon-emitting energy source of all.


Californians are Ready for Waste-to-Energy Technologies

Waste to Energy – also known as conversion technologies – are being used successfully by municipalities all over the world. But CA state regulations have not kept pace with these local efforts, and have in fact hindered development of conversion technologies.


Forget the Fiscal Cliff – Will the Climate Cause the Next Recession?

With the exception of a limited number of funds, the financial sector has not accounted for the risk associated with climate change. This is a scary situation because it means that at some point, when climate change becomes irrefutably obvious or regulations force recognition


Sustainable Food 2012: It’s Not Just About Local Anymore

Interest in sustainable food continued to rise in 2012. Last year, technology and food collided,leading to more startups entering the space, a variety of studies on the impacts of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and even “vat grown” meat. We also delved deeper into what “sustainable” food really means. Read on for a roundup of highlights … Continued


Top Five Reasons 2012 Made Us Pay Attention to Climate Change

It’s that time of year when we look back and reflect on the past year and make silly lists. Well this list is far from silly – it is quite sobering news for many of us to accept. In 2012, climate change came to the forefront. Here are 5 reasons why: