This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


First Offshore Wind Farm in Texas Waters, Not Cape Cod

Shame on us, liberalistas. We let Texas beat us to the punch. Instead of getting behind Cape Wind (code name for the proposed offshore wind farm at Cape Cod), the Kennedy’s and many well-heeled NIMBY’s instead chose to challenge it, delaying the site’s eventual construction by over a decade. Cape Wind got regulatory approval finally, … Continued


Should Nike be Applauded for Beating Adidas on the Greenpeace Detox Challenge?

Last Wednesday was a red letter day for Nike. First, the company accepted the Greenpeace Detox challenge, beating Adidas in a race Greenpeace instigated between the two on who would be the first to commit to “a toxic free future.”  That evening, FC Barcelona, sponsored by Nike, beat Real Madrid, sponsored by Adidas 3:2 in … Continued


“Green Builds Business” is Restoring Jobs, the Economy, and the Environment

America is searching for a path that will restore jobs, the economy and our environment. The Green Builds Business program created by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation with funding from Walmart is doing just that. As the Green Builds Business implementation-coach, I have worked this summer with business owners in Milwaukee, Irving Texas, … Continued


Cognitive Dissonance in Luxury Brand CSR

A forthcoming Journal of Consumer Research study claims that when brands exhibit inconsistencies, consumers find it hard to swallow proclamations of social responsibility. According to coauthor Carlos Torelli, “Marketers use messages of  CSR under the expectation that consumers reward brands with a favorable CSR image.” A McKinsey global survey stated that 76 % of executives said CSR efforts add … Continued

A solar array at Antelope Valley High School

How One School District’s Solar Array Raises Student Test Scores

Getting an education in America isn’t getting any easier. Battling steadily declining budgets, cut programs, and teacher layoffs, public school districts need any advantage they can find to offset many challenges. The absolute imperative of basic education is beyond dispute. Providing the tools, policies, and money to achieve it are far from assured. Here comes the … Continued


Coming up: Green Initiatives Conference, Ft. Lauderdale

Business leaders and academics alike have hailed Sustainability as the next mega-trend in business much the same way that “JIT” (just in time inventory) and CRM technologies and strategies sparked a revolution in the 80’s and 90’s and is now de rigeur. As our readers know, we’ve been particularly keen as of late to promote … Continued


Learning from American Petroleum Institute’s Fake Twitter Campaign

Social media has become a popular engagement tool for both companies and organizations. So far the examples we had of social media usage were divided between good (Keen is a great example as my colleague, Paul Smith pointed out here two weeks ago) and the bad (remember the disastrous response of Nestle to Greenpeace campaign … Continued

Collaborative Consumption Gains Traction

Some of us (ahem) have lived long enough to remember when collaboration was not all that radical a concept, in the business world and even in Congress. Alas collaboration lately has become a buzzword, something that businesses and their PR departments are eager to pay lip service to and perhaps aspire to achieve with their … Continued


Sustainability in Capital-of-Excess, Monaco

By Martin Melaver Monaco on a Friday night. Lamborghinis parked like cheap Vespas in front of the casino, cruise-boat tourists gawking and taking snaps of anything that comes or goes, but especially balding, graying, paunch-expanding silk suits with young long-legged things draped on them. And in the casino itself, and I’m talking about the cheap … Continued


When Paying it Forward Pays: Image Microsystems’ CSR Case Study

By Ian Edwards For companies committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), there is a belief that all those good deeds will be rewarded with new business, but there is scant hard evidence. Image Microsystems (IM), of Austin, Texas, stands as one of the few companies that can ascribe new business gains to its core values of sustainability and … Continued

Ford, Disney, IBM, Bombardier, KRAFT to Discuss Supplier Engagement

By: Cora Ng International Business Leaders head to New York this October to share experience in supplier engagement. The ‘How to Drive Supplier Social & Environmental Performance’ Conference is taking place at the New Yorker Hotel on 25-26 October 2011. Over the past two years, ownership of the sustainable supply chain agenda has moved from … Continued


Why Trader Joe’s Needs to End Food Waste

By Jeremy Seifert I recently started a national petition on asking Trader Joe’s to eliminate its food waste, and more than 78,000 people have joined the campaign so far. Ever since, I’ve received many encouraging notes from people around the country about all of the good things the grocer is already doing. “I personally … Continued


Shareholder Resolutions Receive Record Levels of Support in 2011

You may have not noticed , but the 2011 proxy season is practically over. In the past, most companies would not notice either since shareholder resolutions, especially environmental and social ones haven’t historically gained much support among voting shareholders. But in the last couple of years this trend has radically changed and support levels are … Continued


Light-Bulbs, Responsibility and the Demise of the Common Good

In a move truly reflective of how bizarre American political life has become, there really was a bill sponsored by House Republicans, considered by Congress last week, that would have essentially rolled back the clock on energy saving technology, in the name of “personal freedom”. And it almost passed. The bill, introduced by Joe Barton … Continued

photo courtesy of Joe Sullivan and Wiki Commons.

Green Chemistry: A Sustainable, Highly Produced Future?

Triple Pundit and I were recently invited to a “virtual conference” sponsored by Dow Chemical. The “Future We Create” love-fest was a meeting of 30 green chemistry thought leaders in academia, industry, and in the non-profit sector.