This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

The Cardamom Conundrum: Q&A with CI’s Tim Killeen

The term “conundrum” describes a puzzle whose solution involves resolving a paradox. In Cambodia’s case, the paradox arises from two widely held and conflicting assumptions: that the pathway to a modern economy requires exploiting a country’s natural resources, versus the contrasting vision that the long-term prosperity of a nation depends on the conservation of those very same resources.

Ceres issues report on oil shale

Ceres Exposes Risks of Oil Shale Investment

The sustainable investor group Ceres has just issued a new report on oil shale, and it sounds a loud note of caution to investors who may be interested in the commercial development of this particular fossil fuel source.  Though the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has given the go-ahead for  oil shale operations on federal … Continued


SB12 Interview: Cynthia Figge, CSRHub

TriplePundit readers know that CSRHub has long been one of our most valuable partners and supporters. Regardless of your familiarity, the following video interview between me and Cynthia Figge ought to be both entertaining and informative. CSRHub has been authoring posts on TriplePundit for some time now. I had a chance to sit down with … Continued


CSR Lessons from India: Interview with Andrew Bryson, Saatchi & Saatchi S

Adam Werbach and Andrew Bryson from Saatch & Saatchi S recently undertook a remarkable trip to India. Over the course of their journey – intended to be a speaking tour – both realized they were learning far more than they were teaching.   The end result suggests that Indian business holds many lessons for anyone … Continued


WWF Urges Rio+20 Attendees to Measure Natural Capital

Natural capital, which incorporates social and environmental, as well as financial, dimensions into national accounts and corporate balance sheets, provides a much more comprehensive, robust and reliable framework for measuring living standards, the costs and benefits of economic activities and national wealth, argues the WWF and proponents, who are urging national leaders to help develop and adopt a natural capital framework for public and private sector economic analysis and accounting.


PwC Invests in Financial Literacy

PwC launched Earn Your Future, a program that seeks to close the critical gaps of lacking financial literacy among people as well as create training opportunities for teachers.


Video Interview: Sun King Brewing’s Clay Robinson

A truly local brewery, Sun King does all of its business within 70 miles of the brewery, which includes sourcing and distribution. It may seem like a novel concept, but for Clay and his crew, this commitment is paying off — they have grown 2000 percent in the last three years to become the third-largest brewery in Indiana

Green Government Opportunities

By G. Nagesh Rao From my personal experience in the startup scene,  I have noted that the three critical types of capital required for success are: Human, Financial, and Political. Thus, being able to minimize time spent hunting down these various important resources to help scale a company up, is crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. … Continued

Luxury Cosmetic Brands Try Out Sustainable Packaging

Packaging has always been a bone of contention for cosmetic companies. With sustainability standards increasing, most companies are wanting to use more sustainable packaging material. Major companies like Chanel, Coty, Avon, L’Oreal Group, Mast Global and Estee Lauder are now inaugural members of an initiative created by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Institute for … Continued

Movie Review: The American Dream for Environmentalists

“A Green Story,” an independent film from first time writer and director Nick Agiashvili tells the true story of Van Vlahakis, an original green entrepreneur who founded Earth Friendly Products, a green cleaning products company that is now a multi-million dollar business.


Sprint’s Handy “Eco-Envelope” Saves More than Paper

It still boggles my mind that anyone voluntarily prefers getting a paper bill in the mail, but amazingly, many people do.  The reasons range from simple inertia to paranoia (the desire to have a file cabinet full of records).  In the case of Sprint, despite good efforts to promote paperless billing, close to 70% of … Continued


Behind-the-Scenes on Corporate Responsibility Communications

Part of the full story of CR communications is a behind the scenes peek into how a communications firm operates. How do they support – and influence – clients’ CR communications? I sat down with Christian Hicks, Creative Director of Corporate Responsibility at AHA, to get the inside scoop.