This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

What are Your Eco-Strengths?

Do you struggle to find your role keeping the world green? For those who want to participate in saving world I recommend taking the time to think about your individual strengths to save their world.

Reader Survey: the Results are in!

In the world of media, we get a sense of who you, our readers, are from your comments as well as from which posts get the most traffic. November and October were both record traffic months for us in general, so we know we’re doing something right. However, we can only estimate. A couple months … Continued

Agreement on Emissions Reduction Appears Near as COP 17 Draws to a Close

A sense of optimism pervaded the atmosphere in Durban on the penultimate day and final morning of the UNFCCC’s 17th annual climate change treaty talks, according to one solar industry observer. Rumor was that an agreement to commit to the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol and also extend it beyond its 2020 expiration date were within reach.

Goat: The Other (Sustainable) Red Meat

This post examines the goat industry as well as the environmental and nutritional benefits of both goat meat and goat milk. Now you’re probably thinking, “Why goat? Do people actually eat goat?” Yes! While Americans are the largest consumers of beef in the world, the rest of the world is enjoying goat

Mike Hannigan

Current Do-Good Business Climate Breathes New Life into Corporate Philanthropy

We have teamed up with Abbott to produce an article series on the future of corporate philanthropy. Please read the rest of the series here. By Mike Hannigan To speculate on the future of corporate philanthropy, it helps to first consider the recent past. In the early 1990s, while corporate profits reached an all-time high, there … Continued

How Can Marketing Change Behavior for Good?

Marketing can make people eat McDonald’s hamburgers, wear shoulder pads, and buy that new laundry detergent even though the old one is fine. It basically compels masses of people to run along with the latest fad. If marketing is so successful in changing our lifestyles, why is it so difficult to use it to promote more sustainable behavior?

Greenwashing Labor Injustices in Dubai

Construction projects should not be considered Green or sustainable unless they have applied equal consideration to all resources used. In Dubai, the labor resources are treated terribly regardless of the “green” nature of the development, this can be changed by incorporating fair and equitable treatment of construction workers into existing sustainable development laws and guidelines.

holiday shopping

For the 2011 Holiday Shopping Season: Discounts are In, Sustainability is Out

When it comes to holiday shopping, it looks like business as usual with retailers promoting sales and shoppers looking for bargains. But what about sustainability? Unfortunately, this theme is being ignored this year by both the majority of consumers and by retailers. This phenomenon is especially interesting since many retailers spend the rest of the year promoting sustainability and generating value … Continued

The New Realities of CSR for Global Businesses

Companies such as IBM, FedEx, and PepsiCo are sending employee teams to volunteer their time in developing countries on a kind of Corporate Peace Corps. A new reality in CSR for many global businesses, these International Corporate Volunteer programs benefit companies in areas including marketing and brand awareness, innovation and R&D, and leadership development. Recently, IBM won its first ever contract in West Africa as a result of what was initially a volunteer program in Nigeria.

Companies Should Embrace Transparency and Report Sustainability Efforts

In working with a variety of corporations and organizations one issue is becoming increasingly prominent: the growing need to disclose efforts to act in a more sustainable manner. In that context, the trend towards greater transparency ultimately is headed in one direction – an “Integrated Report” in which financial and nonfinancial performance are tied together and articulated in a single document. Although there is no formal standard to what constitutes an integrated report, there is growing evidence that the financial markets reward those companies that engage in sustainable behavior and disclose those efforts in a comprehensive manner, including impact on bottom line performance.

Climate Counts Releases 2011 Scorecard

The following is part of a series by our friends at CSRHub (a 3p sponsor) – offering free sustainability and corporate social responsibility ratings on over 5,000 of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. 3p readers get 40% off CSRHub’s professional subscriptions with promo code “TP40“. By Bahar Gidwani Our friends at Climate Counts have just released … Continued

Global Witness Says Kimberley Process Not Preventing Blood Diamonds

Human rights group Global Witness announced this week that it is removing support for the Kimberley Process, the international scheme established a decade ago to stop the trade in ‘blood’ diamonds. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for Global Witness occurred last month when the Kimberley Process authorized two companies to operate in … Continued

Neodymium, one coveted rare earth mineral

Conflicted Rare Earth Minerals Prices to Decline

Global demand for rare earth minerals will increase over seven percent a year, but now various reports suggest that prices for these materials will start trending downward.

Top of the Fisker Karma

Top Gear Hosts Finally Give Thumbs Up to Hybrids With Luxury Award

It would probably strike you as somewhat out-of-place to even be talking about a car that won the British Top Gear TV show’s Luxury Car of the Year Award, in a magazine devoted to sustainability. After all, this is the kind of award that has historically gone to cars like the $405,000 453 HP Rolls … Continued