This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


The Childhood Smoking Epidemic in Indonesia

In the 80’s I would always see an ad of a cowboy smoking a cigarette with the sunset behind him.  I learned that he was the Marlboro Man, a symbol of what a cool smoker would look like.  Marketing professionals would agree that an ad like the Marlboro Man is an iconic image that has helped sell millions of cigarettes.

Invest Green with Global Echo Foundation’s Sustainable Exchange Traded Fund

With each passing year, our ability to lead more environmentally conscious lives continues to grow. But one area of life that the green movement seems to have left behind is the world of investments. Investments are a part of daily life. This is how many make their living and how many more than that earn their retirement. However, the ability for an environmentally conscious individual to invest in a purely green exchange traded fund has been a dream up until now.


EDF’s Hutson: ‘We’ve Failed. We’ve Failed to Convince the General Public to Worry About Climate Change.’

One consistent strain of conversation, topic of session discussion, and overall general lament at SXSW Eco was the inability of the green movement to get their message across, to convince people that environmental conservation and climate change are important issues for everyone. Environmentalists and sustainability experts have been focusing so intently on the upcoming danger, displaying graphs … Continued


The Evolution of Corporate Philanthropy at Abbott

Abbott is a billion dollar multi-national healthcare company with products ranging from pharmaceuticals to nutritional supplements to medial devices. Though the company’s core offerings are heavily tied to social benefit (improving human health), Abbott also donates a substantial amount of funds to it’s foundation which focuses on serving the same core values from the grant-giving side.


GDP: Grossly Deficient Paradigm?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a national accounting measure based on the market value of all final goods and services produced within a geographical entity within a given time period. It is often expressed as a comparison to the previous quarter or year. Significant changes in GDP sometimes have important effects on the stock market. Policy makers often use it as the gauge of our economic health and as an indicator of our national economic wellbeing.

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New Public-Private Alliance Will Launch a Conflict-Free Certification for Congolese Minerals

Who said the U.S. government is not pro-business? Next month, the government is launching a new Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA), creating a ‘conflict free’ certification program for electronics companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This initiative was introduced last week when U.S. Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero … Continued

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Your Boss’s “BOS” – Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy(BOS) is a fabulous book filled with tools and insights on how to run a successful business by steering away from the competition. BOS provides simple frameworks such as the strategy canvas (SC), the 4 actions framework (4A), 6 paths (6P), and others that make strategy and strategic marketing easy to understand and easy to communicate. The following is a summary of my question, new thoughts, and reaffirmations after reading the first 3 chapters.


RIM’s Lack of Response to Blackberry Outage is Bad CSR

It’s coming up on the fourth day of outages and Research in Motion (RIM) still has not managed to sort out the problem with its private server which as left millions of Blackberry users with no connectivity. Blackberry has already been steadily losing market share to Apple and Samsung and this kind of PR/CSR fiasco … Continued


Why Sustainability Messaging Should be Directed at Children

If you’ve ever tried to convince a parent that they should change their behavior for the sake of the environment, I’ll bet your experience is like mine. Unless you can show them they will keep money in their pocket, it usually doesn’t work. Adults don’t like it when their behaviors and values are challenged by others. But, if their kids pitch the exact same idea, they will listen.

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North Carolina Solar Farm Leads a Building Wave

Community members, local leaders, solar power industry participants, state government officials and members of Congress gathered in Mount Airy, North Carolina Oct. 10 to dedicate next week’s commissioning of the Mayberry Solar Farm, the first of its kind in Surry County. The solar power farm project offers a prime example of how, with effective support and incentives, public-private sector partnerships collaborating on renewable energy projects can succeed in generating jobs and helping local businesses, as well as building community and improving the health and quality of the local environment.


Philippe Cousteau: From Grant-Seeker to Grantmaker and Fund Creator

Philippe Cousteau, grandson of famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, aimed to accomplish two goals when he spoke at SXSW Eco last week. First, he came to talk about environmental conservationism with a receptive audience. Second, he came to announce two new endeavors, a conscious investment fund, and a grant-making foundation. Cousteau’s polished speech hit all the … Continued