This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

The Good Guys Debate the Bad Guys About the Business Case for CSR

Is CSR good or bad for business? That question was at the center of the debate that took place last week in New York as part of the COMMIT! Forum. Usually, at such conferences you have the chance to hear only one side – the one supporting CSR, naturally.  This made the debate not just … Continued


Dell’s Investment in Sustainable Packaging Earns a Certified Recyclable Rating

At SXSW Eco, many innovative companies and NGOs have come together to discuss ideas for environmental protection. Local computer behemoth Dell was on hand to discuss their new packaging strategy. Oliver Campbell was an engineer with no experience in packaging, but that didn’t stop him from joining Dell’s packaging team. As he put it, “I … Continued


The Impact of Bird-Death on Sustainable Fishing Practices

According to a recent study presented at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, sea-birds are in severe peril of becoming extinct due to certain fishing techniques. It looks like fishing companies have to consider more than just fish when it comes to their CSR initiatives. The report suggests that at least 320,000 birds die as … Continued

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Marketing Re-Imagined: Less is More

Marketing is ‘the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.’ But the problem with marketing in its current state is that selling more stuff is what’s gotten us into this climate mess. More stuff means more greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s not a viable long-term strategy.


Interview: Care2 President/CEO Randy Paynter

Care2 is “the largest online community of people passionate about making a difference.” When I interviewed Care2’s President/CEO Randy Paynter in August 2011, the website had approximately 16.5 million members. In only one month, Care2 grew by 500,000 new members to over 17 million. During the day I wrote this article the site’s membership grew … Continued


Nike to Launch Green VC Arm to Accelerate Sustainability and Profit

Nike is no stranger to green innovation. From creating the Nike Trash Talk, the first performance basketball shoe made from manufacturing waste to working with GreenXchange, a platform for the sharing of patents. Stimulating intellectual capital and property, to spurring innovation and sustainability, Nike seems to be experiencing many shapes and forms of green innovation. Now … Continued

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Hawaiian Business Owners Can Now Choose B-Corporation

In June of this year, Hawaii became the fifth state to pass a law defining credentials local companies must go through to earn a certification as a “green business,” following New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Vermont. Hawaii’s law is known as the Sustainable Business Corporation. This law will really help companies here commit to going … Continued


Sustainability Lessons We Can Learn from Jackie Robinson

An international consortium of leading accounting organizations just released a survey that describes how small and medium-sized businesses are profiting from sustainability. The results provide some useful insights into the interplay between doing the right thing and doing things that make a good profit. It’s something that Triple Pundit readers might call the “Branch Rickey … Continued

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Right Wing Groups Play the Energy Reliability Card to Oppose EPA MACT Rule

Four right-wing and right-leaning anti-big government groups contend the EPA is “abusing” air-quality laws because the agency’s MACT (maximum achievable control technology) utility rules will force coal-fired electrical plants to shut down, thus jeopardizing the security and reliability of the U.S. power supply. A petition last week by the Institute for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity, … Continued

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The Downfall of “The Good Life” and the Rubble It Left Behind

During the 1950’s & 60’s the U.S. experienced a huge economic boom which led to the rise of the middle-class, development of infrastructure, and the birth of consumerism. Today, the middle class is disappearing and our infrastructure is falling apart, but the consumerism wheel continues to turn. In a time of economic crisis, we need to rethink what “the good life” really means.


Apple Expands Stakeholder Engagement to Chinese Environmental Groups

Is it possible that a memo is going around among CEOs instructing them to engage more seriously with stakeholders in general and NGOs specifically? Just look at the list – Adidas, Nike, Puma and H&M have all made commitments to eliminate all toxic pollution throughout their supply chain following the Greenpeace Detox campaign. The Rainforest Action … Continued


Austin Bound: 3p Team to Attend SXSWeco

Those of you who have been reading 3p for a while know we’ve been attending the South by Southwest Interactive Media Conference in Austin for years. Most people in the know consider it to be the most important conference of the year for anything related to web technology and new media. However, many of us … Continued


P&G Makes the Case to 100 Million Americans: Cold Water Washing Works

Fact A: Cold-water detergents are better for the environment. Fact B: Cold-water detergents save consumers money on energy while providing them with results equal to hot-water washing. They even cost about the same. Sounds like a win-win offer, right? So why do consumers avoid cold-water detergents? The answer is actually simple: They don’t care too … Continued