This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


What 4 Global Trends Will Drive 21st Century Investing?

These 4 global trends are growing in scale and depth. Forward-looking investors are evaluating these trends for portfolio decisions, and seeking out sustainability-oriented companies that are tapping growth, managing risks, reducing costs, delivering “good” impacts and communicating openly with stakeholders.


Does It Matter if Mike Daisey Lied to This American Life about Apple in China?

Mike Daisey’s story about Apple in China, which was broadcast in January on This American Life, appears to contain significant fabrications. We can’t vouch for its truth and therefore we’re retracting the story, Ira Glass, the host, announced on Friday. The impact of the original show in January brings to mind two important questions – why Daisey’s story played such an important part in creating a tipping point, and also, given what many consider as a positive impact generated by the original show, does it really matter if Daisey fabricated some parts of it?


SXSW Interview: Chris Miller of Seventh Generation

Chris Miller is Director of Corporate Consciousness for Seventh Generation. He works across the company to develop and implement strategies for sustainability. His responsibility includes mission-related stakeholder engagement, development of a robust companywide climate and energy plan and developing strategic values-led partnerships with NGOs.


SXSW Interview: Mitch Baranowski of BBMG

Mitch has helped dozens of start-ups develop brands, spearheaded multinational consumer campaigns, directed viral marketing programs, and advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on how best to package their CSR initiatives. His experience spans many industries, including aerospace, arts/entertainment, engineering, environmental, financial services, healthcare, and technology.


Hunter Lovins is Still Optimistic About the Future of Sustainability in Business

Hunter Lovins set down last week to a conversation with Eban Goodstein, the Director of the Bard MBA in Sustainability and Bard Center for Environmental Policy. This talk was a chance not only to learn more about Lovins’ impressive biography, but also to explore with her the sustainability challenges we are facing.

The Lorax

Lorax Tie-ins Go Overboard: Is it Greenwashing?

The Lorax has nearly 70 corporate and nonprofit sponsors, including HP, Comcast, DoubleTree by Hilton hotels, IHOP, and Mazda. These sponsorships promise that your chances to see this little furry creature outside the theatre are quite high these days, whether it is on Seventh Generation’s diapers, on IHOP’s menu (how about Truffula chip whole wheat pancakes?), or an ad to the Mazda CX-5, the “Truffula tree friendly car”. While some people believe these sponsorships would cause Dr. Seuss to roll in his grave, others believe this is a legitimate use of a great movie to promote green products. So who is right and who is wrong here?

GM CEO Dan Akerson

Is GM Guilty of Funding Climate Change Denial?

Funds came from GM’s foundation, not GM the car company itself. This distinction is important, since in the interests of good governance, Mr Akerson is not permitted to sit on the board of the foundation as well as being CEO of General Motors. The point he wished to convey: GM itself is not culpable in funding climate change denial.


Four Emerging Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility

New Media and CSR: Communicating Corporate Good, moderated by TriplePundit’s very own Nick Aster, identified four major emerging trends in Corporate Social Responsibility in a free-wheeling discussion between Chris Miller, Christine Diamente, Mitch Baranowski, and Dale Hart. What were they? Read on.

BJMAB touches down in Burlington, VT

Are Millennials More Like MacGyver or Liz Lemon?

After getting tired of writing and characterizing the baby boomers and generation X, trend spotters and researchers have focused in the last years on the next in line – generation Y, or the Millennials. Who are you people and what you want from life are the questions everyone try to answer. The latest attempt was of 3 scholars whose prognosis was that the Millennials are the MacGyvers of business, on in other words “like MacGyver, the resilient DIY generation believes in doing more with less.”


Is America Beyond Peak Meat?

Several cultural and environmental trends, from health concerns to a down economy, have had an impact on meat consumption in the United States.

first diaper change

Huggies Ad Suggests: Men are from Mars, Diapers are from Venus

Who knew men are so sensitive? Well, certainly not Kimberly-Clark (K-C). The company enraged many dads earlier this month with its new “Dad Test” campaign for Huggies diapers. The idea behind the campaign was as follows: “To prove that Huggies diapers and wipes can handle anything, we put them to the toughest test imaginable: Dads, alone with their babies, in one house, for five days.” The whole fiasco was not just a great opportunity to learn about the sensitivity level of modern dads, but also a valuable lesson in stakeholder engagement in the age of social media.

Brand Ripple at PepsiCo

The concept of brand has rippled, or expanded, greatly with the rise of sustainability. Speaking with Robert ter Kuile, PepsiCo’s senior director of environmental sustainability, I learned that this ripple is now spreading beyond the consumer entirely, and into their community.


How Culture Clash Leads to Futureproof Innovation

Friction creates sparks. And successful innovation often comes from culture clashes. But can this lead to better sustainability programs? See what Hyatt Hotels discovered about culturally customizing CSR.