This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


LG Products Get CarbonFree Certification

LG Electronics has partnered with Carbonfund to improve the carbon rating of their products. Their electronic goods from TVs, fridges and other products will start to carry the  CarbonFree logo next year. The certification indicates that the product is carbon neutral as achieved by a variety of offset projects. Their parent company, LG Group has invested $18-billion in research … Continued


UPS Reduces Per Package Fuel Consumption

Most people probably don’t give an awful lot of thought to how the things they buy actually get to them. But the reality is, pretty much everything we consume is touched in some way by a global and interconnected logistics industry that is truly behemoth. We are aware of package delivery trucks running about, but … Continued


Steve Nash Endorses Green… Making it Real for Middle America

We in the sustainability community probably have many friends and family members who still think we’re a little out there. Most of my family, for instance, gave up on asking me about my work 15 years ago and still thinks “green” is a bit weird and, I don’t know, maybe cute. I’ve always thought that … Continued

How to Tell Your Sustainability Story: the Messier the Better

By Melanie Janin, Communications Director at BSR We all know that a picture tells a thousand words and creative visuals are a powerful way to engage audiences around an issue of concern. In the world of sustainability communications, slideshows, video documentaries, and case study success stories are common—and often very effective—tools to highlight the many … Continued

OpEd: Hey, Whole Foods: Stop Selling Snake Oil

By Paul SanGiorgio Another day, another mild headache from the incessant humming of the fluorescent lights in the office. Fortunately, there’s a Whole Foods on your way home from work. Aspirin can upset your stomach, so you decide to choose a gentler natural or maybe herbal remedy for your pain. No harm in that. After … Continued


Stakeholder Engagment in Mining Operations

Stakeholder Engagement can actually be worth its weight in gold. Prof. Witold Henisz of Wharton Business School has been studying political and social risk management for 15 years, focusing mainly on strategies of avoidance by studying gold mines. 

One Retailer’s Stand Against Sandblasted Denim

It is a well-known fact that manufacturing denim is an energy and water intensive process. For example it takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce just one pair of regular blue jeans. It takes considerably more energy and water if you opt for a distressed pair. Many manufacturers are well aware of this fact and are doing … Continued


Backlash Against Cigarette Manufacturer’s “Green” Marketing Campaign

The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company has come under fire for the introduction of its ‘eco-friendly’ cigarettes. Beyond questioning whether or not cigarettes can ever truly be ‘green,’ the ads for these cigarettes have environmentalists up in arms because of the way they divert attention from the very unhealthy reality of the company’s actual product. … Continued


Shell in Nigeria: Oil, Gas, Development & Corporate Social Responsibility

Harshly criticized for its human rights and environmental record in Nigeria, representatives from multinational oil and gas major Royal Dutch Shell opened up and conducted an online dialogue with members of the media recently. Human rights, democracy, the environment, corporate social responsibility and insight into its Nigerian operations were all on the table in what turned out to be an admirable venture in broad public engagement.


Climate Change & the Future – When You Know Trouble is Coming

By: Brian Thomas Most of us greet news of a looming threat with skepticism. “Show me” is the usual reaction. We are like the mayor of the fictitious Amity Island in Jaws, who refuses to shut down the town’s beaches because officially acknowledging shark attacks would hurt tourism. People who maintain that climate change demands … Continued


Shopkick: A Spoonful of Profit Helps the Charity Go Up

The new model, which is embodied in the new app, simply called Shopkick, focuses on giving away free stuff and guess what? It’s far more popular than Causeworld ever was. Customers using Shopkick, now get Kickbucks instead of Karma, which they can redeem for all kinds of free merchandise, or they can still choose to donate the credits to charity.

Airbrushing, CSR and False Advertising: L’Oreal Ad Banned

At first glance, the connection between photo editing and CSR may seem weak. But  responsible advertising is a key tenet of sustainable practice. Recently the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) banned L’Oreal advertisements featuring Julia Roberts and supermodel Christy Turlington for being “overly airbrushed.” The French make-up company admitted that the images were digitally manipulated … Continued


John West and Greenpeace Set Sustainable Fishing Targets

I have a special affection for tuna. I wrote my thesis on how to legally protect the Bluefin. Overfishing is a complicated situation fraught with geo-political issues. The bluefin is undeniably a money maker. However, it is a fact that the oceans of the world are being depleted of fish-stock largely due to over-fishing as well as illegal fishing … Continued

100th Battalion soldiers return from annual training in Hawaii

Army Recycles Over Six Million Pounds of Steel Containers That Held Chemical Weapons

When the U.S. Army began to decontaminate the 4,307 ton containers (TC) which stored chemical weapons at its Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas in September 2003, it realized rinsing the TCs wasn’t working. To rinse all of the TCs would require 660,000 gallons of liquid. The U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA) designed a magnetic … Continued