This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

Are Companies Really Striding Forward On Climate Change?

This post was originally published on the CSRHub blog. By Bahar Gidwani Climate Counts recently released the fifth update of its well-known Climate Scorecard. In the report that accompanied the release, Mike Bellamente, the new director of Climate Counts, pointed out that 79 of the 136 rated companies had scores that showed they were “striding” towards improving … Continued


6 Laws of Green Marketing

As standards become more well-defined and consumers demand more transparency, companies are increasingly in need of the skills to, first of all, begin that difficult process toward the ever-evolving “sustainable” business. But for those already on that path, an understanding of how to report and communicate their successes and hurdles is becoming essential as well. … Continued

Achieving Universal Health

A major focus of health care reform has centered on universal health coverage. While universal coverage is both a right and a necessity of every American, universal health should be the true goal of reform.

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: Fighting the Same Battle?

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is often seen as the idealogical counterpart to the Tea Party movement (TPM).   Occupy wants to raise taxes, the Tea Party thinks we are “Taxed Enough Already.”  Occupy thinks corporations are too powerful, the Tea Party thinks government is too powerful.  Despite their differences, these two seemingly opposing … Continued

Union Rats’ New Focus: Asbestos

When a friend sent me this photo of a giant inflatable rat wearing a sign  “Asbestos Kills,” the first thing I thought of was Bahar Gidwani’s March 2011 post on CSRHUB blog. Gidwani’s piece was inspired and also illustrated by a rat photo he’d taken near the Citicorp building in midtown New York, which in turn was inspired by the rat’s presence several years ago at a building next to his that employed non-union staff. Why had it reappeared?

Top 4 Online Sustainable Marketplaces

For those of us that don’t live near a progressive urban center, having brick and mortar stores that focus on green items is not much more than a fantasy. There are a slew of online stores tailoring to the LOHAS consumer, so I thought it might be about time to get a conversation started here … Continued

The Evolutionary Explanation for Prius Envy

Managing our image is a big part of our lives as human beings. From our virtual personas on Facebook and Twitter to our physical appearance, we are essentially obsessed with what others think about us. But rest assured; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Social Media’s Impact on Brand Value

Traditionally, companies pushed their brand message on the public with little to no feedback loop. Today, the rise of social media has given consumers more of a voice, empowering them to help shape a company’s brand and influence the buying patterns of others.


Promoting Sustainability in India

CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development is one of the institutions that promotes sustainability in India. The Centre, which is based out of Delhi enables businesses to become more sustainable. It also offers guidance and resources to nudge Indian industries towards more inclusive growth and sustainable development. The Centre also has formulated the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards to … Continued

Making Social Spaces More Social at Public Works

While there have been permutations of the salon throughout the years — one could say that last decade’s model was the coffeehouse — in the world of zippy and viral social media, we are due for an update.

Cisco’s New Focus on Conflict Minerals

Cisco is a company that already has a robust CSR program and their focus for 2012 is conflict minerals. This week they released their CSR report for 2011 highlighting some of their achievements and plans for the future. Since the Dodd-Frank act was passed, conflict minerals have become a focus for many electronic companies. Cisco … Continued

Kansas Wind Power Roars into Eastern Markets on Grain Belt Express

Wind power is growing quickly in some midwestern states and a company called Clean Line Energy is moving just as fast to take advantage of the excess capacity in this rapidly expanding energy sector. Last week, Clean Line won approval for its Grain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC affiliate to operate as a utility. That … Continued

Hasbro Pledges to Remove PVC From Its Products

Hasbro was one of the companies to drop Asia Pulp and Paper as their supplier recently. Now with the launch of their first CSR report, they have pledged to remove PVC from all new core toy and game packaging by 2013. PVC causes a lot of health and environmental problems because it contains phthalates as well … Continued

Sustainability – Overused and Undervalued

Effective sustainability conversations need to be heard everywhere. Select students, communities, grassroots movements, businesses, and government agencies by themselves will not be able to reverse the effects of global warming.