This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


Sierra Leone Launches Database to Increase Transparency of its Mining Activities

IPS reports that in January, Sierra Leone became one of the first West-African countries to launch an online mining database. The database is said to increase transparency of the country’s mining operations. The system will contain all data on mineral rights, statuses and payments recorded by the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources that pertain to … Continued


Why Valentine’s Day is a Fantastic Opportunity for Stakeholder Engagement

Valentine’s Day has had a long history, and for centuries has been celebrated as the day of romantic love. It’s been referred in several literary works through the centuries, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the Middle Ages, people exchanged hand-made paper cards as tokens of love. Since 1913, when Hallmark started mass producing Valentine’s Day cards, … Continued


Office Depot’s Social Responsibility Gets Results

Office Depot is the nation’s second largest seller of office supplies and services. It may also be the most innovative based on its recently released 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report (CCR). And this innovation is making the company more resilient in today’s tough economy. One initiative, Business Matching, is pushing the external boundaries of the company into … Continued


Upsolar Launches Advertising Campaign Design Contest on Facebook

Hong Kong’s Upsolar in mid-January became the first Chinese silicon PV supplier to complete an initial Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its two best-selling solar PV modules. Now, it’s using Facebook to crowdsource a public contest to create its 2012 advertising campaign.


Announcing Trendwatch 2012

This year came in like a tortoise, at least as far as the economy is concerned.

But everywhere we look we see signs of recovery. Here are our picks for the road to recovery in 2012.


Safeway Announces Sustainable Tuna-Sourcing Policy

Safeway recently announced that the Safeway brand Skipjack (chunk-light) canned tuna will be responsibly caught using free-school purse-seine methods. This method of using purse-seiners spots tuna schools by using radar and sonar. The company will transition to this method by the end of the year. The tuna fishing industry is addressing the negative ecosystem impacts … Continued

Help Send a 3p Writer to Brazil!

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has teamed up with Treehugger to draw attention to World Environment Day June 5th. (Mark your calendars!) In honor of this day of global action, UNEP and Treehugger are running a blogging contest — the topic is “The Green Economy, Does it Include Me?” Since the Green Economy is one … Continued

Walmart Logo 2

Walmart Knows What’s Good for You

Walmart announced this week that it will start putting a new label on food products to help consumers make healthier food choices at its stores. A logo with the phrase “Great For You” will be used to indicate to consumers that a certain product has gotten Walmart’s nutritional seal of approval.


Jeffrey Hollender’s Recipe for a Better (European Style) Future

Jeffrey Hollender’s talk on Tuesday at NYU wasn’t probably listed on Time Out NY, but nevertheless it was one of the best shows the city provided that night. Hollender, an almost impossible combination of a CEO and a rebel, is never boring no matter how many times you get to hear him. Combining gloomy economic and social observations with funny anecdotes, he managed to charm the dozens of students that packed the room, sending them home afterwards with his innovative ideas (some would say ‘European’) on how to get the U.S. economy back on the track towards a sustainable future.

For over 115 years architecture and engineering students at Georgia Tech have watched the Atlanta skyline grow upward and outward. Now a seeminingly chronic recession has stopped growth. Credit: Courtesy of Georgia Institute of Technology

The Untold Story: The Continuing Demise of the Construction Industry

For over 115 years architecture and engineering students at Georgia Tech have watched the Atlanta skyline grow upward and outward. Now a seeminingly chronic recession has stopped growth. Credit: Courtesy of Georgia Institute of Technology By Richard Thornton It is all too rare to read news about the continuing catastrophic problem in today’s United States … Continued


Monsanto Fails UCS Test for Sustainable Agriculture

Monsanto likes to think of itself as a sustainable agriculture company. They proudly trumpet their commitment to improving crop yields in the face of an ever-increasing human population, which they put forth as the very essence of sustainability. In truth, they are pursuing a sustainable objective in an unsustainable fashion. UCS senior scientist Doug Gurian-Sherman claims that Monsanto, “is producing more engineered seeds and herbicide and improving its bottom line, but at the expense of conservation and long-term sustainability.”

From the Incremental to the Monumental: Rock Climbing Tips for Business Leaders

When rock climbing on a challenging route, one often encounters situations where there is no way to reach the next good hold without moving beyond the security of one’s current position. These are committing moments, requiring vision, confidence, and dynamic movement. They are beyond the realm of the incremental. They are also a powerful analogy for our efforts to create a sustainable business community.