This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

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7 Tips for the Earth Conscious Homebrewer

You have probably read enough Triple Pundit articles to know that the craft brewing industry is exemplary in the area of sustainability . But how about your homebrewing operation? Here are a few tips and thoughts to make your carbon footprint a little lighter. Chime in with your tips in the comments!

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BP Agrees to Major Pollution Cuts at Tar Sands Refinery

Back in the waning days of the GW Bush administration, the EPA approved a permit issued by the State of Indiana, long known for its laxity in environmental affairs, to BP, to expand a refinery used to distill petroleum from Canadian tar sands oil. But that’s all over now.

Apple’s New Coal-Free Data Centers: Great News, Missed Opportunity

This was a good week for Apple. The company announced that “all three of our data centers will be coal free, which is an industry first for anybody of our size.” However, this could actually have been a great week for Apple if the company took its CSR a little bit more seriously.


SAP: ‘It’s about business’

ERP software giant SAP has shown a spectacular recovery since the recession. At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando, the company displays its successes, as well as its shortcomings.


10 Outstanding CSR Reports

In an earlier post, Christian Hicks, Creative Director of Corporate Responsibility at AHA! listed seven signs he uses to determine if a company has a great CSR report including simplicity, engagement, trustworthiness, and a positive forecast. In this post, we list 10 CSR reports that impressed our writers in industries ranging from automotive to fashion to technology to sports apparel to cosmetics.

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CSR Reporting Leaders in the Pacific Northwest

Several of the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic companies are leaders in disclosing information related to environmental, social and governance performance. Learn more at a GRI certification course on June 11-12 in Seattle.

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Enzymes: Sustainability’s Secret Weapon

To the untrained ear, “enzyme” sounds like it has something to do with food digestion and, lets be honest, the gut is really not very inspiring. In truth, enzymes speed up chemical reactions of all kinds and are used in industrial applications from pharmaceutical development to paper and textile manufacturing to food and beverage production and even biofuel. When it comes to biofuel production, enzymes are the difference between a usable fuel and a pile of wet woody mush.


The $1 Trillion (and Growing) Sustainable Economy

It was at Sustainable Brands, a conference I always make a point to attend, that I first heard market researchers discuss cost less, mean more as a key product design for winning customers. Cost less, mean more “Cost less, mean more” struck home for me because it aligns with economic theory which defines consumer procurement … Continued

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CSR Reporting’s Greatest Hits in the Twin Cities

While often overlooked in favor of cities with bigger sustainability programs, Minnesota and St. Paul have a lot of reasons to be proud of their efforts. Here’s a round up of the region’s biggest corporate responsibility efforts.