This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

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Dell Swaps Carbon Neutrality for Energy Efficiency

Dell has stopped purchasing Renewable Energy Credits, central to its promise of becoming a “carbon-neutral” company, according to its 2011 corporate responsibility report.


B Corp and a Benefit Corporation are Not Created Equal

B Corp is just short hand for a Benefit Corporation, right? Not quite. Although there are similarities between the two in name, and in spirit, there is a crucial difference. B Corp is a certification and a Benefit Corp is a legal entity. Let me explain. The Confusion Between B Corp and Benefit Corporations First … Continued


Puma, Nike and Adidas Run Towards Toxin-Free Products With Greenpeace

Did you know that your running shoes contains hazardous chemicals, some that get released every time you go out for a run? No matter how fancy the shoe, it probably contains three components that don’t biodegrade. The decorative upper of the shoe consists of nylon, plastic or synthetic leather. The sole is more often than not, … Continued


Seizing the Opportunity for Data Center Efficiency

The importance of embracing IT energy efficiency has never been more urgent than it is today. The integration of IT into almost every facet of business and society is driving exponential demand that will strain many organizations’ finances and IT capabilities to the limit. IT energy efficiency and increased IT resource utilization can offer substantial respite from these challenges and lead to more nimble, competitive organizations.


The Dark Side of Apple’s Supply Chain

As surprising as it may seem (or not) there are problems with Apple’s suppliers in China, namely that many are not exactly environmentally friendly citizens. A coalition of environmental organizations cited “pollution and poisoning” problems in Apple’s China supply chain in two reports on the “Other Side of Apple.” In the second report, this group—Friends … Continued


Subway Introduces Eco-Restaurants

Subway has long been touted as the ‘healthier’ fast food option due to its comparatively higher use of fresh ingredients. They have also set themselves apart by advertising healthy options with slogans like “98% fat-free,” “one serve of 5-a-day,” and “7 subs under 6 grams of fat.” Their motto of “Eat Fresh” has gained them many accolades in … Continued


ConAgra Anti-GMO Lawsuit Has Big Implications for Food Labeling

Product labeling is an area where loopholes and CSR seem to converge. It is precisely these loopholes that make it easy for companies to engage in a degree of greenwash but there is a thin line between ‘greenwash’ and ‘misleading the consumer.’  A recent lawsuit against ConAgra proves this point. The American food giant that owns … Continued


RILA: Retail Sustainability is On the Move

By Adam Siegel, RILA Vice President, Sustainability & Retail Operations Industry Research Outlines Progress in Environmental Sustainability Retailers are continuing to enhance and accelerate their progress toward sustainability programs. Here at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) we are working closely with our members and their partners to come up with new ideas, and find … Continued


How to Control Labor Costs Before They Control You

When times are tough, companies look for ways to cut costs. Labor costs are often one of those cuts. An article from management consulting firm Strategy& suggests a way to retool labor costs. But will their proposal help or hinder businesses heeding their advice? The Booz article sub-headline suggests, “Despite years of cutbacks, many companies’ pay … Continued


Pharma-waste: Costly Pollution or Untapped Resource?

Pharmaceutical waste hurts environmental and public health while contributing to skyrocketing health care expenditures. An anesthesia gas collection company is harvesting medications from hospital exhaust fans, showing us the profit potential of pharma-waste.

State of the World Economy: The Emperor Has No Clothes

In Hans Christian Anderson’s iconic fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, two swindling weavers promise an Emperor a “new suit” that they tell everyone will be invisible only to those who are unfit for their positions. So, when the Emperor parades before his subjects, the spellbound people laud his beautiful new clothes in fear of being … Continued

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Climate Change Messaging: FOX News Still Destroying Civil Conversation

I know I may be feeding the trolls with this post, but that’s part of the fun. Right now, the issue of “climate change” has become so politically charged it’s almost impossible to discuss without a tsunami of vitriol and conspiratorial accusations overcoming the conversation (at least as far as “mainstream” media is concerned) to … Continued


Another Baby Boom Won’t Cure U.S. Economy

The following is part of a series by our friends at CSRHub (a 3p sponsor) – offering free sustainability and corporate social responsibility ratings on over 5,000 of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. 3p readers get 40% off CSRHub’s professional subscriptions with promo code “TP40“. Originally published on the CSRHub blog By Carol Pierson … Continued


Is Gibson Guitars Unfairly Bullied or Have They Really Screwed Up… Again?

Last week, for the second time in two years, federal agents raided the facilities of Gibson Guitars, probably the most well-known guitar maker around the world. Although the two raids are the result of different cases, the accusations then and now are similar – violations of the Lacey Act, a law requiring that all wood … Continued