This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

washington redskins partner with NRG to install solar panels at FedEx Field

Washington Redskins Bring Solar Power to Millions of Football Fans

While some members of Congress continue trying to undermine federal energy programs that promote efficiency and clean fuels, D.C.’s own Washington Redskins football team is plunging ahead. The team has just announced a partnership with energy giant NRG to build a 2 megawatt solar array at FedEx Field. That’s enough to generate all the electricity … Continued


Fortune 50 Companies Lacking in Customer Service

Part of good customer service is maintaining a website with contact information, including a phone number, and links to social networking icons. The Customer Experience Impact Report 2010 found that 82 percent of Americans report that they stopped doing business with companies because of poor customer service. The author of an AdAge article took a … Continued

Johnson & Johnson unveils new corporate social responsibility program

Johnson & Johnson Updates Its 1943 Credo for 21st Century CSR Program

Marking its 125th year of operation, Johnson & Johnson has just launched a new corporate social responsibility plan called Healthy Future 2015. Though in some respects it falls a bit short of the radical new CSR concept recently espoused by Levi Strauss, Healthy Future reaffirms the company’ original 1943 Credo, which was fairly radical in … Continued


Greening Urban Landscapes With “Eco-Friendly” Billboards

Vertical greenery is moving to new heights. Recently, Coca-Cola has pushed the envelope by introducing a “green” billboard as part of their CSR and sustainability commitments. Coca-Cola and World Wide Fund for Nature have put up a billboard in Manila that they say helps to “promote the environment.” The 60-by-60-foot sign is made up largely of living plants, … Continued


Green Media Shake-Up Underway: 3BL Media Acquires Justmeans

The green media landscape began what some might call an inevitable consolidation today with 3BL Media‘s acquisition of Justmeans. Both firms specialize in the distribution of CSR news and press releases. Justmeans’ focus on tracking and technical analysis of reader engagement will enhance 3BL’s full service offering of distribution channels (blogs, press releases, video engagement … Continued


How Consumers Can Share Responsibility for Greening

By Jacquelyn Ottman Tom’s of Maine can make the toothpaste more natural, but they can’t force consumers to turn the water off when they brush. Coke can make the bottles recyclable, but only consumers can drop them in the blue bin. Sun Chips can make the bags compostable, but only consumers can see that they … Continued

How Storytelling Dovetails with Stakeholder Engagement

We’ve all witnessed the power of a good story. It’s actually possible to use a good story to shift the beliefs and behaviors of your stakeholder community in service of a common purpose.


Why Diversity is a Business Imperative

At Symantec, we recognized years ago that the relationship between innovation and diversity is a business imperative. It’s also the premise for some of our most successful stakeholder engagement.


Virgin America Wants to Fill Your Bottle

Sometimes it really is the little things that count. Proving they’re on track to be the coolest airline flying, Virgin America is going out of their way to promote “water bottle refill stations” at San Francisco International Airport. The stations have popped up immediately after the security checkpoint to encourage travelers to hang on to … Continued

Bank of America

Bank of America Gives $208 Million to Charity in 2010

The CSR reporting companies club is adding a new member. This is good news for the club because this is not just another company, but Bank of America (BofA), one of the world’s largest and powerful financial institutions, which is releasing today its first CSR report ever. This is an interesting report as it provides … Continued


HP Interview: Carl Eckersley, Environmental Product Stewardship Director

I recently had a chance to chat with Carl Eckersley, Director, Environmental Product Stewardship, Personal Systems Group, at HP.  He provided insight not only on designing for environmental sustainability at HP by taking account the entire life cycle (LCA) of the product, but also how the electronics industry has joined forces to push forward the human dimension of sustainability. … Continued

corporations join federal Clean Fleets/Clean Cities initiative to reduce diesel pollution

Corporate Giants Add One Million Vehicles to National Clean Fleets Partnership

In a clear case of high bar-setting, earlier this year the U.S. Department of Energy kicked off its National Clean Fleets Partnership with a select group of official partners: AT&T, FedEx, PepsiCo, UPS and Verizon. The program aims to reduce diesel and gasoline pollution from fleet vehicles, and with these global A-listers on board others … Continued