This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

Making Social Spaces More Social at Public Works

While there have been permutations of the salon throughout the years — one could say that last decade’s model was the coffeehouse — in the world of zippy and viral social media, we are due for an update.

Cisco’s New Focus on Conflict Minerals

Cisco is a company that already has a robust CSR program and their focus for 2012 is conflict minerals. This week they released their CSR report for 2011 highlighting some of their achievements and plans for the future. Since the Dodd-Frank act was passed, conflict minerals have become a focus for many electronic companies. Cisco … Continued

Kansas Wind Power Roars into Eastern Markets on Grain Belt Express

Wind power is growing quickly in some midwestern states and a company called Clean Line Energy is moving just as fast to take advantage of the excess capacity in this rapidly expanding energy sector. Last week, Clean Line won approval for its Grain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC affiliate to operate as a utility. That … Continued

Hasbro Pledges to Remove PVC From Its Products

Hasbro was one of the companies to drop Asia Pulp and Paper as their supplier recently. Now with the launch of their first CSR report, they have pledged to remove PVC from all new core toy and game packaging by 2013. PVC causes a lot of health and environmental problems because it contains phthalates as well … Continued

Sustainability – Overused and Undervalued

Effective sustainability conversations need to be heard everywhere. Select students, communities, grassroots movements, businesses, and government agencies by themselves will not be able to reverse the effects of global warming.

Good Design. Faulty Thinking.

One of the most compelling qualities of our brains and minds is that we are designed to be social beings. Our brains are designed for relationship because they form through relationships while our neural networks and patterns of thought grow and change as we relate and respond to the people in our lives.

Intuit Faces a Challenge With Its New Sustainability Report

The company Intuit, known for its Quicken product and other popular software,  is out with a new sustainability report that addresses a growing challenge for software companies: how to continue developing a sustainable platform as the world transitions to greater mobility and cloud computing. The transition means that companies like Intuit are investing in and … Continued

Is It Time To Ditch the CSR Department?

What is the latest debate in the CSR space? If you think it’s about the business value of CSR, think again. That debate is so 2010. Right now it looks like everyone is debating a totally different question – should companies ditch their CSR departments? Last week this debate was intensified when Keith Weed, Unilever chief … Continued

Rebranding the American Dream Toward Community and Collaborative Consumption

The American Dream defines a nation obsessed with individual achievement at the price of an equitable society. But what if we are wrong? The promise of the “sustainable green” movement is a society that understands the interrelationships between social justice and the food, health and environment systems for all living organisms. We are at a crossroads with an opportunity as a nation to rebuild our brand and show the world that is possible to regain our sense of self and community and truly capture the American Dream.


Inconsistent Sustainability Rankings Create Reporting Burden for Companies

Last month KPMG released the results of a survey of corporate social responsibility reporting that found that 95 percent of the Fortune 250 is now reporting on CSR activity. Among the largest 100 companies in each country surveyed, CSR reporting increased by 11 percent since 2008. Clearly, sustainability reporting is not just a passing trend. But … Continued

Even the Affluent are Redefining Luxury in the Down Economy

The definitions of luxury and necessity, in these perilous and depressive economic times of the “new normal,” are changing both if you are affluent and if you are not-so-affluent, according to an AdvertisingAge news report. For many, simply receiving a regular paycheck for a regular job with some benefits would be a great luxury, but … Continued

Questioning if a Company Really is “Sustainable”

Sustainability has become a trend for the companies and today every good product should meet ecological, economic and social standards. Consumers are paying for these kinds of objects in a attempt to do their part. But the truth is that some of these products are not buying what they promise. By faking their advertisements, some companies might not be playing a fair game.