This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

Responsible Business Summit Comes to NYC this June

Take a quick peek at the event calendar in the sidebar at right, and you’ll see more sustainability conferences than you can shake a stick at. Many sustainability professionals go it alone in their companies and conferences provide a much needed reality check from peers about the state of sustainability. But, with dozens of conferences … Continued


Trademark Controversy Spurs Outrage, Emboldens Urban Homesteaders

In the past, the Dervaes family of the Dervaes Institute has been in the national media spotlight, often portrayed as one of the leaders of the urban homesteading movement.  Referring to their project as the Path to Freedom, the Dervaes are known for turning their one-tenth of an acre property in Pasadena, CA into multiple … Continued

New Sign of a Maturing Green Funeral Industry: Greenwashing

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and in this case it’s sooner. The green burial industry has hardly begun to pick up steam and it has already fallen prey to greenwashers. Greenwashing can be the source of much confusion and ill will in any field, and it can be especially toxic in the … Continued

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Fenton Hosts Twitter Chat on Communicating CSR

The public interest communications firm Fenton hosted another Twitter chat yesterday, this time focused on effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication. For one hour, 40 participants from several countries exchanged over 450 tweets about companies who communicate CSR well, who needs a boost, and discussed some of the better strategies.

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News Corp Achieves Carbon Neutrality

By Dave Best News Corporation achieved a major milestone in its sustainable journey by becoming carbon neutral across its operations globally at the end of 2010. You heard that right- the parent company of Fox News has gone carbon neutral. According to the Hollywood Reporter, News Corp is the first major entertainment company to achieve … Continued

Toyota Joins Interactive Corporate Philanthropy Leaders

Toyota is transforming their corporate philanthropy to be “by the people and for the people” with the advent of their 100 Cars for Good program. The company will donate 100 cars to charities across the United States. The winners will be determined by the voting public on a daily basis this summer, putting their philanthropy … Continued


The Global Reporting Initiative—It’s Here to Stay

Want to learn more? Consider a GRI-certified course in sustainability reporting! By: Janet DeDonato, CEO and Founding Partner, Methodologie Is your company ready for the Global Reporting Initiative? If not, it’s time to at least be thinking about it. As the most widely used global sustainability reporting framework, the GRI is now becoming the accepted … Continued


How Green is the iPad 2?

Last week Apple unveiled the iPad 2, which immediately became the center of a heated debate. No, I’m not talking about how amazing or totally disappointing its specs are; the debate centered around how green the iPad 2 really is. Some argue that this version is thinner and lighter and therefore it’s not only a … Continued


Interview with Nestlé Waters’ New Sustainability Director: Part 1

I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Washburn, who just recently hired on with Nestlé Waters as director of sustainability. Prior to this job Michael came from an NGO background, with senior positions at both the Wilderness Society and the Forest Stewardship Council. He has a PhD in Forest Policy from Penn State. We … Continued


AT&T’s Energy Efficiency Projects Save $44 Million in 2010

AT&T announced last week that it saved US$44 million in energy savings thanks to 4200 energy efficiency projects in 2010. The savings originated in a comprehensive energy management training program, a sophisticated energy usage scorecard for the company’s 500 largest energy-consuming facilities, and participation in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program.

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Green Startups Focusing Their Marketing Dollars: Think “When,” Not “Where”

Increasing traffic and readership on 3P’s Startup Friday tells of a larger trend of increasing interest in green entrepreneurship. In a recent interview with Jeffrey Hollender on the subject, he said, “There’s never been a better time to start a green business.” The popularity of The Hub’s “Hub Ventures” program and increasing interest in the … Continued

Why Food Marketing Institute’s Sustainability Guide Is A Good Start

Before I even read a word of the Food Marketing Institute’s (FMI) sustainability guide for grocery stores, titled Sustainability on the Shelves: A Sourcing Guide for Category Managers & Buyers, I had my suspicions it would be a load of greenwashing. It didn’t help when I noticed on the title page that the guide, prepared … Continued


The Inherent Uncertainty in Certified Products

This article has been updated since it was first published. The following is part of the Crowds of Ratings series by our friends at CSRHub (a 3p sponsor) – offering free sustainability and corporate social responsibility ratings on over 5,000 of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. 3p readers get 40% off CSRHub’s professional subscriptions … Continued