This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


Influencing Consumer Perception of Value and Quality

By Seri McClendon Marketing is one of the most powerful forces in today’s society. Targeted and repetitive communication of a product’s key benefits can create a need that perhaps did not previously exist, thus influencing consumer purchase behavior by solidifying the idea that such products are essential to their daily lives.  In addition to encouraging … Continued

Maryland Moves on Offshore Wind

Every year, thousands of high school graduates in the state of Maryland race to Ocean City after graduation day. They call it Beach Week, and it’s been a tradition for decades. When I graduated from high school, I didn’t go. To be honest, I was never really a fan of Ocean City, so I flew … Continued


Will the Real Clean Coal Please Stand Up?

Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Do you believe what the coal industry has spent millions on to convince Americans that the industry is cleaning itself up?  They argue that carbon sequestration and storage is right around the corner and that soon enough coal will be almost as clean as renewables. I suspect 99% of Triple Pundit’s … Continued

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If GE, Ford & Nike Can Find Business Growth and Brand Value in Green, Anyone Can

By Trey Trenchard The term “differentiated green” refers to companies who pursue green strategies to go beyond clearing regulatory and negative PR hurdles.  It refers to companies who create green strategies for reasons such as cost savings and creating a larger and more loyal customer base. The most notable country to not sign the Kyoto … Continued


Wyoming Wind to Light Up the Southwest

By Andrew Moore TransWest Express, LLC is nearing construction on the $3 billion TransWest Express Transmission Project, which would allow major southwestern cities to exploit Wyoming wind.  TrasWest, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anschultz Corp., plans to run 725 miles of high-voltage line from south-central Wyoming through Colorado and Utah into southern Nevada. After its … Continued

Capturing and Sharing Sustainability: The Green Living Project

When we think of education, thoughts of heavy textbooks and lengthy lectures may come to mind.  Even when it comes to sustainability education, at times the content may seem many steps away from being practical or relevant to the real world.  The Green Living Project takes a different approach, “capturing sustainability, one project at a … Continued


Crowdsourcing CSR Stories

The big financial research firms, standards organizations, not-for-profits, and government sources each offer their own top-down, carefully organized version of how companies are performing socially. What about bottom-up measures? Are there “crowd-sourced ratings” for CSR? If you are like me and you use the travel reviews on TripAdvisor or the product reviews on Amazon, you know how valuable this type of data can be.

how's that for a paradox-wearing fur at a farmer's market!

Is Fur Green? The Truth is Grey

According to the Fur Council of Canada (FCC) fur is “green.: Not wanting to miss out on the fun that comes from a declaration that an organization is “sustainable,” “socially responsible,” or “green,” the Montreal-based group launched The US Humane Society is not impressed.

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Evian Spray: Oh, The Humanity…

Yes, this is a real product. It’s Evian water in a disposable spray can. Why? Well, according to Evian’s website, the “millions of tiny droplets” moisturize thirsty skin, help set make up, and do all kinds of other refreshing things. It’s even (supposedly) possible to recycle the can, which comes in a number of convenient … Continued

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Employee Engagement and CSR Make for an Engaging Twitter Chat

Fenton, a leading public interest communications firm, kicked off a bi-weekly Twitter chat series (#CSRChat) on February 3. The topic, which will change each session, was Employee Engagement – the Good and the Bad. Fenton facilitated the session in which there were more than 75 participants who sent over 300 comments and responses to 15 questions. It’s … Continued

Carbo2n Nation-Finally the Convenient Solutions Movie I’ve been Waiting for

By Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT I remember going to a screening of Inconvenient Truth with Vancouver’s ex-mayor back in 2006, feeling a bit disappointed. While I am no climate scientist, I had been aware for some time of the scientific evidence that the climate is changing and humans are partially to blame. I was happy to … Continued


The ABC’S of Social Change – Part 2

by Lisa Chacón Yesterday I introduced the theory behind the ABC’S of Social Change as a model for understanding the broader context surrounding behavior change. Today we’ll analyze some popular behavior change approaches from the perspective of this framework to see how well they know their ABC’S, and then design our own change initiative using … Continued


Brands Court the Considerable Influence of Mommy Bloggers

Brands are well-aware that women make 85% of consumer purchasing decisions. Moms, in particular, are targeted by companies wanting them to spend their family budget on their products. Although many moms have always been discriminating, concerned and vocal consumers, they now have a new forum in which to express their approval or disdain for businesses and their … Continued


The ABC’S of Social Change – Part 1

by Lisa Chacón What’s the best way to bring about social change? Many of us have learned from hard experience that while individual behavior change is a necessary part of social change, alone it is not sufficient for the systemic transformation the world needs today. So what might be a more effective recipe that takes … Continued


Does Groupon Think Their Customers Are Mindless?

Groupon is really getting cocky. Having recently turned down a multi-billion dollar buyout offer from Google, the company released two odd & controversial superbowl advertisements that seem to have left more people scratching their heads with a bad taste in their mouth than chuckling with the amusement the company may have expected. To sum it … Continued