This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.


ExxonMobil Shareholders Ask for Disclosure on Tar Sands Investments

Green Century Capital Management filed a shareholder resolution with ExxonMobil to disclose information about its investments in Canadian oil sands (commonly called tar sands). Canada’s tar sands are the second largest oil resource in the world, with over 173 billion barrels in reserve. By the end of last year, ExxonMobil’s “total proved reserves in the … Continued

Are Girl Scout Cookies Biodiversity Killers and Censorship Monsters?

With $700 million annual revenue from cookie sales, Girls Scouts has recently come under fire for not only failing to adequately address, but for unethically censoring critiques of the company regarding its palm oil use. The organization has claimed to have done its part by joining the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), but critics … Continued


Mandatory CSR in India: Not the Way Forward

The latest in the long debate about mandatory CSR in India comes from the Corporate Affairs Minister Murli Deora. He, along with leading industrialist Ratan Tata,  recently voiced that they would like to make a 2% spend mandatory on CSR activities. Just in March this year, it was announced that CSR will not be mandatory due to … Continued


The Hypocrisy of Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum Corporation released its 2010 CSR report, “Growth with Responsibility.” The CSR report states, “We are committed to safeguarding the environment, protecting the safety and health of employees and neighboring communities and upholding high standards of social responsibility in all of the company’s worldwide operations.” That sounds so good. There is a problem with … Continued


How to Foster Meaningful Public Relations to Improve Brand Value

By Pamela Biery Every brand needs a story, and some brands are writing ones that include the planet. Each year, millions of businesses each spend thousands of dollars on advertising. Others invest in contrived giving programs, costing more to publicize than actual contributions made to charities. Advertising casts a broad net. Public relations, if taken … Continued


Video Interview: Accelerate your Clean Energy Startup

Clean Energy startups can now get a leg up with a new startup accelerator program accepting applications this summer.  GreenStart, the brain child of Dave Graham and his two co-founders, wants to help mission-driven entrepreneurs succeed.  GreenStart is looking for ideas that reduce use of dirty energy or promote the use of clean energy.  Capital … Continued


New Sustainability Standard Heralded by UK Film Industry

It is often very difficult to think of corporate responsibility beyond the realm of corporations. However when you really do think about it, the concepts of CSR are applicable to just about every form of enterprise. This is what the British Standards Institution (BSI) in conjunction with the British film industry wanted to emphasize when it announced … Continued

GM factory near Baltimore will use solar power

Baltimore GM Factory Grows with Solar Power

GM’s low emission electric-gasoline Chevy Volt has been a hit with car buyers since it launched last year with a splash of publicity including a cross-country road trip, but GM has also been working behind the scenes to reduce emissions at the manufacturing end as well. In one of its latest efforts, the company has … Continued


New Media Helps Tourist Economies Rebound

It goes without saying that the tourist economy plays a key role contributing to the development and upkeep of local infrastructure including parks, museums, stadiums, restaurants, and additional city spaces open to the public. It is also a highly competitive industry from state to state, or even city to city, with each local tourism bureau trying to entice potential visitors to leave their homesteads and stay for a while.


Rainforest Action Network Activists Arrested at Disney

Four Rainforest Action Network (RAN) activists, two dressed up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, were arrested outside The Walt Disney Co. headquarters in Burbank last week. The other two activists, not in costume,  hung a 35-foot banner that read, “Disney: Destroying Indonesia’s Rainforests” over an archway. In March 2010, RAN used an independent lab, Integrated … Continued


Oil, Money, and Influence, Continued

I was surprised at how some people took exception to last week’s post which covered the story from Carbon Brief about how nine of the ten most prolific climate-change-denying scientists  on the Global Warming Policy Foundation list had affiliations of one kind or another with ExxonMobil, mostly through their involvement with oil-funded think tanks. But … Continued


5 Reasons Why GRI is the New LEED

Ed Note:The following is a re-post of one of our most popular GRI articles from last year to spread the word about our GRI-certified courses in sustainability reporting. Pick a framework, any framework. While LEED is the name of the game in green building standards, a clear winner in the sustainability reporting framework race has … Continued


Puma Puts Financial Value on Environmental Impact

Puma is the first company in the world to put a value on the ecosystem services it uses to produce its sports shoes and clothes. In a huge leap for CSR, the company has published an economic valuation of the environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and water consumption along its entire supply chain. It … Continued