This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

Women in CSR: Liz Maw, Net Impact

Liz Maw, CEO of Net Impact, talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.

How Steel Can Make Greener Cars

Last year, when the Obama administration passed the new corporate fuel economy standards, requiring cars and light trucks to average 54.5 mpg, it was a moment of celebration for everyone concerned about the environment and the rate at which carbon emissions are damaging our climate system. For carmakers, though, it was more likely a day to reach for the antacid rather than the champagne. All the testing, modeling and forecasting showed that even with all the dramatic improvement being made to powertrains, including electric cars, hybrids, plug-ins, diesels, etc. showed that given the rates of adoption and the distribution of vehicle sizes, there was no way that the companies could reach the average fleet economy goal based on powertrain modifications alone. To achieve these new levels of fuel economy would require making cars lighter.

Europe’s Stranded Assets: Cautionary Tale for Global Investors

Do your investments have exposure to assets linked to fossil fuel extraction and power generation? The recent closure of several large fossil fuel-powered plants in Europe demonstrates the risk for CO2-emitting assets to become stranded in a carbon constrained world.

Why We Encourage More Companies to Report Their Sustainability Performance

Want to learn more about sustainability reporting? Consider an upcoming course in the Bay Area or Seattle GRI certified courses on sustainability reporting. As previously seen on the CSRHub blog. By Bahar Gidwani We were recently invited by our friends at Trucost to moderate a webinar.  Our shared goal was to encourage more companies to … Continued

U.S. Lags Behind UK on Mining, Oil and Gas Transparency

There is a global push to enforce disclosure when it comes to mining, oil and gas corporations that pay large sums to foreign governments for the right to mine in their countries. But getting laws enforced that will ensure transparency (and hopefully help regulate human rights and environmental abuses) is harder than it should be – even here in the U.S.

Women in CSR: Liz Gorman, Cone Communications

Liz Gorman, Senior Vice President, CSR/Sustainable Business Practices at Cone Communications talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.

Video Chat with Nancy Mancilla of ISOS Group on Sustainability Reporting

This Wednesday at 4pm I’ll be starting with Nancy Mancilla of ISOS Group about sustainability reporting. Nancy is in charge of business development at ISOS, GRI trainings coordination and integration of sustainability concepts into value-added practices for businesses, communities and governments.

Interview: Debra McLaughlin, Symantec

Debra McLaughlin, Symantec’s Program Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Global Corporate Responsibility talks about the progress that the company has made on issues of sustainability, and specifically, how CSR reporting has become a valuable part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

SPECIAL SERIES: Building Shared Value

Why Your Company Should Get Involved with the Shared Value Initiative

The Shared Value Initiative was launched in 2012 by FSG, a non-profit strategy and research consulting firm (and the brain child of Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer). The purpose of the initiative is to foster “a global community of practice committed to driving adoption and implementation of share value strategies among leading companies, civil society, and government organizations.”

Electrolux Helps Consumers Monitor Water Use

Appliance manufacturer Electrolux recently launched a Facebook application, YourWaterMark, that promises to go a step further in water conservation by helping individuals assess their water use both inside and outside the home.

Women in CSR: Tori Kaplan, CSX Corporation

Tori Kaplan, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, at CSX Corporation talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.