This category is about corporate social responsibility (CSR), a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

ExxonMobil Seeks Waiver to Drill in Russian Waters

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s previous leadership role in ExxonMobil could raise a few red flags if the Trump administration decides to lift sanctions on drilling in the Black Sea. Tillerson, who served as ExxonMobil’s chief executive from 2006 to 2017, has strong business ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Customers Want to Go Paperless: It’s Up to You

For years, businesses have fought to get customers to opt out of paper statements and go online. But things have finally changed. It’s now the customers who are demanding paperless options.

Big Pharma Pushes Back on Arkansas Executions

Big pharma companies let out a collective sigh of relief earlier this week when two federal judges blocked Arkansas from carrying out an unprecedented string of eight executions over an 11-day period. Executions are bad PR.

Putting Circular Economy Principles Into Practice

The risks inherent in a globalized linear economy are manifest. Resource and economic shocks reverberate across the globe. This increased vulnerability comes at a price.

United Airlines Faces New PR Problem in China

Dr. David Dao, the 69-year-old physician who sustained injuries when he was dragged off a United Airlines flight on Sunday, is being called the “poster boy” for passengers who feel they have been “bullied” by airlines. But what lessons should businesses take from this episode, which could very well cost United its market share in Asia?