This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth. Topics include: Conscious Capitalism, Social Enterprise, B-Corps, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy


Video: Jose Corona of Inner City Advisors Talks Diversity at Net Impact ’14

Based in Oakland, California, Inner City Advisors serves inner-city communities throughout the Bay Area. By and large, these are very diverse communities, CEO Jose Corona said. But local companies have been “called out,” as he put it, for lack of diversity — particularly in Silicon Valley.


Why Taking Care of Your Apparel Workers is Good for Business

Notwithstanding the progress that Western companies, labor unions and the local government continue to make to secure safe working conditions for garment workers, several social enterprises are helping to advance the sustainability of the global apparel supply chain beyond safety compliance.


Is the Green Economic Revolution Too Late?

The green economic revolution has achieved multi-trillion dollar revenue success but is it too little and too late to stop irreversible climate damage?

Thought leaders assemble to discuss the future of the financial services industry at BSR '14.

Five Years Later: Has There Been Sustainable Change in the Financial Services Sector?

After the dust settled on the financial crisis, governments, advocacy groups and other stakeholders began to focus intensely on creating a more responsible financial services industry. But how much has really changed in the past five years? Are these companies really modifying their core business practices in the interest of corporate social responsibility (CSR), or is this just another marketing game? These are only a few of the questions asked at a panel discussion at the 2014 BSR Conference in New York last Thursday.

Latondra Newton just took on a new role and has been asked to unite – for the first time – Toyota’s North American social innovation activities. We sat down with Newton at Net Impact '14 to find out what that means.

Toyota’s Social Innovation Umbrella

Latondra Newton just took on a new role and has been asked to unite – for the first time – Toyota’s North American social innovation activities: philanthropy, community relations, diversity and inclusion. We sat down with Newton at Net Impact ’14 to find out what that means.


Report: Native Peoples at High Risk from Extractive Industries

First Peoples Worldwide has issued its second annual report on indigenous peoples’ rights around the world. This year it reviews the response of corporations in considering the rights of Native peoples, and which companies have stepped up to the plate to ensure better dialogue with local communities.


How Businesses Should Respond to a Shifting Consumer Mindset

In general, millennials — or those who reached adulthood around 2000 — value transparency, causes and sustainable business practices. As these influential consumers come of age, it naturally follows that organizations will need to rise up to meet them where they are — especially when it comes to green business practices.


How to Achieve Higher Productivity in Only 4 Days, Without Bosses

There are currently 35 members in our working team, and the solution to common productivity problems is simply to work directly without managers. In our company, we are all software engineers who work autonomously four days a week, for a total of 32 hours, as freelancers.


Chevron Lobbyists Lose Richmond Election Bid

Last week’s election results in oil town Richmond California may not have been as much about who won as who didn’t. Chevron Oil invested more than $3 million to convince voters to pick its candidate. Here’s the surprise: Chevron lost.