This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth. Topics include: Conscious Capitalism, Social Enterprise, B-Corps, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy

Why Uber is Not Part of the Sharing Economy

I know that it might sound a bit strange, as Uber is one of the more common examples of the sharing economy. But bear with me for a minute while I try to make the case.

New Outbreak of Avian Influenza Hits Canadian Poultry Farms

It’s bad news for Canada’s Christmas turkey industry: Last week avian flu H5 was detected on two farms in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. As of Saturday, the number had risen to five, and experts are cautioning the public to brace for the possibility of more confirmed cases. With avian flu devastating commercial flocks more often now, should poultry producers look at other ways to raise North America’s favorite fowl?

Utilities Roll Out Home Energy Analytics to Over 1.5 Million

TXU Energy and London Hydro are the latest utilities that will deploy Bidgely’s cloud-based energy analytics throughout their customer bases. Offering apps and a platform to monitor energy usage is seen as a way to enhance customer engagement, as well as energy efficiency and building a 21st century smart grid.

3 Reasons Why Oil Prices Have Collapsed

3p economics correspondent Bill Roth offers three reasons for falling gas prices. Here’s a hint: Increased production isn’t one of them.

Town Kitchen Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Empower Youth

Entrepreneur Sabrina Mutukisna knows about cooking. And she knows about how hard it is to break into the cooking business. But her latest venture — an upscale business lunch delivery model — has the potential to bring great things to both endeavors, especially Oakland’s low-income youth. She and her young protégés have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the expansion of Town Kitchen in Oakland, which started this year and is already garnering attention, support and praise from local businesses and organizations.

Why Making the Workplace a Playroom is Worth It

From neon slides, climbing walls and foosball to work outings and volleyball tournaments, companies like Google, Skype and LinkedIn have all embraced the notion that all work and no play makes for a dull and less productive average employee. Here are five reasons to follow their lead.

Corporate Support Pours in For EPA Clean Power Plan

This week, the advocacy group Ceres hosted a conference call in which they, acting as a spokesman for a wide array of companies across numerous industries, presented a letter of support for the EPA rule signed by 223 companies.