This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth.

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Biomimicry: Designing Startups with Nature’s Help

What do the syrphid fly, the Shinkansen bullet train and the underwater modem all have in common? They are all examples of biomimicry – advancements that have been made through studying and imitating nature’s good sense. As some designers are finding, many times the prototype already exists. You just have to ask Mother Nature for the key.

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Why GDP Growth No Longer Reduces Unemployment

A version of this piece originally appeared on The Daly News By Herman Daly Economic growth used to be seen as the means to attain full employment, in fact, full employment was a major goal of U.S. policy. Today that relation has been inverted – economic growth has become the end, and if the means … Continued


World Bank Steers Clear of Coal

In a recent policy directive, entitled, “Toward a Sustainable Energy Future for All,” the mega-financial institution said that they would focus on the poor, offering financial solutions or guarantees, while helping “client countries realize affordable alternatives to coal power.”


Seattle Mayor Blocks Whole Foods Construction

Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn has blocked Whole Foods Market from obtaining access to an alleyway that the company says it would need to construct its new West Seattle store. The mayor has insisted that Whole Foods isn’t paying a fair wage to all of its employees – and must. The company insists it is. Who should we believe?


Oklahoma Hospital Stirs Controversy with Online Prices

Health care is a hot topic these days – and not just for patients who are struggling to cover medical bills. One Central Oklahoma hospital that has been posting prices for dozens of surgical procedures is forcing a closer look at the reasons why U.S. has some of the most expensive health care in the world. And no, it isn’t the cost of surgical materials.

Power plants hampered by climate change

Climate Change Threatens Electricity Production

There is a growing trend around the U.S.: changing conditions from a warming planet are causing disruptions in our power supply. The U.S. Department of Energy this month released a report showing vulnerabilities to our energy sector from climate change.

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Should GM Lose Sleep Over Tesla?

GM CEO Dan Akerson told Bloomberg last week the company is taking a look at Tesla Motors to gauge the Silicon Valley EV manufacturer’s long-term threat.

Credit: Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative

The Urgent Need to Forge a ‘Low-Carbon, Water-Smart Electricity Future’

The U.S. can meet its energy and water needs by pursuing a “renewables-and-efficiency” path, according to a new report from the “Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative” (EW3). It would conserve freshwater resources and mitigate climate change, making the U.S. energy sector and society more resilient to climate and environmental change, but it will require concerted action today by stakeholders throughout society.