This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth.

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Women and B School

Female students and graduates of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute counter The New York Times article discouraging women from going to business school.


The Well-Rounded, Green MBA

What are the lessons our future leaders need to experience before they take the helm of the world’s most impactful organizations? In addition to analytical skills, the path to sustainability will require a fundamental understanding of the pivotal role of human capital in maximizing the triple bottom line.

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California Car Dealers File Complaint Over Tesla Motors Advertising

The California New Car Dealers Association has filed a complaint with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles accusing Tesla of misleading advertising because of its unusual online advertising tactics. Is the electric car manufacturer duping consumers? That’s something that the state – and Tesla’s growing consumer base – will have to decide.

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Airbnb Hires Hotel Guru Chip Conley as Head of Global Hospitality

Airbnb is poised to bring its hospitality marketplace to the next level by joining forces with one of the greatest minds in the industry – author and founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitatliy, Chip Conley, who will come on board as the company’s new Head of Global Hospitality this month.

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The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Business

Social entrepreneurship can be thought of as a unique, totally mission-driven form of sustainable business. Corporate-focused CSR efforts are not the only type of sustainable business studied at Baruch College, City University of New York.

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New Legal Rule Will Open Floodgates to Business Investment

The rules for businesses raising money are changing, in a way that could connect millions of values-driven investors with social entrepreneurs. This could mean real change for our communities, cities, and rural areas.

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The Triple Bottom Line and the Wealth of Nations

From the local to the global, stakeholders across the public and private sectors are applying new data-driven metrics and methodologies to assess the overall impacts of infrastructure and investment decisions, enhance the sustainability and resiliency of ecosystems and communities, and realize triple bottom line and sustainable development goals.