This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth. Topics include: Conscious Capitalism, Social Enterprise, B-Corps, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy

World’s Largest Single-Axis Solar PV Plant Goes Live in Southern California

Abengoa’s 206-MW Mount Signal Solar, built for Silver Ridge Power, will deliver clean, renewable electricity to some 72,000 homes in the San Diego area. The U.S. sustainable energy market now accounts for 28 percent of Abengoa’s overall business, and it’s turning to U.S. capital markets to raise as much as $600 million in a yieldco IPO.

Op-Ed: The Hidden Costs of ‘Cheater Economics’ on Human Health

‘Cheater economics’ enables polluting products to be sold cheaper than many clean products and includes subsidies for fossil fuels, pesticides and toxic chemicals. Cheater economics tolerates pollution externalities, as economists have noted.

SPECIAL SERIES: Sustainable Seafood

MSC Sustainable Seafood Standards Yielding Economic, Environmental Benefits

High in Europe and North America, awareness of, and demand for sustainable seafood is growing worldwide. Just over 10 percent of fisheries are now certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and that’s bringing economic, as well as environmental, benefits to seafood industry participants and consumers, according to the latest facts and figures from the MSC.

Win $75,000 for a Market-Based Solution to the National Forests’ Challenges

Can the principles of the free market solve some of the most pressing challenges facing our national forests? The National Forest Foundation (NFF) hopes so, announcing it has just extended the deadline for its Barrett Foundation Business Concept Challenge which offers $100,000 in prize money for market-based solutions to the forests’ current issues.

To Find Your Next Sustainability Job, Stop Looking

You’ve heard it before: Job searching is about relationship-building. It’s good advice, no matter how many times you hear it—but it’s especially true of the sustainability job search. The fact is, if you’re spending your time looking for sustainability job postings online, you’re going about the job search the wrong way.

24/7 Concentrating Solar Power Plant Gains Approval in Chile

Environmental concerns have hindered construction of utility-scale concentrating solar (aka solar thermal) power plants, but Chile’s environmental ministry has approved Abengoa’s 110-MW Cerro Dominador CSP project. Cerro Dominador will not only be the largest CSP facility in South America, but also the first to supply solar-generated electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

McDonald’s Twitter Chat Recap: #McDsustainability

Did you miss (or participate in?) our recent conversation with McDonald’s Corporation? Here are the highlights from the #McDsustainability Twitter chat with VP of Sustainability Bob Langert, CSRwire, and our 227 chat participants.

How to Find Impact Investing Deals (or Develop Ones You’ve Already Got)

The impact and sustainable investing market is a crowded place these days with big business, social entrepreneurs, private investors and governments all getting into the act. Yet investors are still finding deal-sourcing a challenge. At the same time, intermediaries and entrepreneurs are still struggling to develop deals and find partners. So, how can we bring the different parts of the sector together to speed up the pace of change and make more impact?

Is Networking a Dirty Word?

To many people, networking is a dirty, cringe-inducing word. But these same people will happily go to a party or chat to a stranger on a plane, so how do they suddenly develop a phobia of meeting new people when they find themselves in a professional situation?

Taking Lessons from the Jazz of Nature

As we all know nature holds much implicit knowledge in store for us. This blog explores how we might recognize some of them when looking at jazz (improvisation) and how both might inspire people to arrive at new ideas that will actually be implemented.

$47 Million in DOE Funding for Three Offshore Wind Demo Projects

Winds offshore U.S. coasts hold tremendous potential as a clean, renewable and sustainable energy resource, one with social and environmental, as well as economic, benefits and advantages as compared to fossil fuels. Having established an institutional framework for development, the Obama administration is following through on its “National Offshore Wind Strategy.” On May 7, the Energy Dept. announced funding for three offshore wind demonstration projects off the coasts of New Jersey, Oregon and Virginia.