This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth.

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The Rise of Equality in Business

This step by Starbucks and so many others to connect their value of equality to their corporate identity is a big indicator of the future.


More Oil, but Higher Prices

The combination of pump pain and pollution economics are driving consumers toward a disruptive shift into electric cars, renewable energy, urban lifestyles, energy efficiency and healthier behaviors that enhance their economic and physical well-being. It is an economic revolution with green results.


A Deeper Look at Economic Growth

By Michael “Luni” Libes Repetition does not make a statement true.  Case in point, we are repeatedly told that the economy must grow.  We are told this by the mainstream media, by the Federal Reserve, by Congress, by the Harvard Business School, Wharton, Standard, et. al.  We are told from these credible sources that right … Continued


JLo: The Environmental Price of Singing for Dictators

Mariah Carey did it. Nellie Furtado did it. So did Sting. And now, Jennifer Lopez (up to now affectionately known as JLo) has reignited a stormy debate about celebrities and the benefits they get from performing for dictators. But is it so bad that she put on a rousing birthday party for a controversial head of state? Or does the issue have more to do with the precedent it sets for future “art ambassadors”?

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Biomimicry: Mother Nature as a 3D Printer?

3D printing represents a transformative opportunity for us to redesign our manufacturing and consumption patterns, since a great many of our machine parts are used to cut or grind away, literally subtracting, discarding, and wasting our planet’s precious resources. 3D printing, by contrast, is an additive process, using only what is needed.

first-project_CleanLA Solar

Los Angeles Goes All In on Rooftop Solar Panels

The largest urban rooftop solar program in the nation is underway in Los Angeles, with a five-year goal to power more than 34,000 homes while creating some 4,500 construction, installation, design engineering, maintenance and administrative jobs.


Tech Hubs are a Key Part of Africa’s Future

Africa’s tech scene is surging. Across the continent, new hubs, labs and co-working environments are giving rise to oases of innovation. These meeting places act as a bridge between technology startups, investors and academics, nurturing collaborations.


Seven Best Practices for Increasing Employee Volunteer Participation

Key to an effective employee volunteer program is a willingness and eagerness by employees to get involved in the effort—after all, they are the backbone of the program. Simply putting a program in place is a start, but to truly realize the many benefits of an effective employee volunteer program, companies must create a collaborative environment that encourages and inspires staff to participate.