This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth.

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Credit: Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative

The Urgent Need to Forge a ‘Low-Carbon, Water-Smart Electricity Future’

The U.S. can meet its energy and water needs by pursuing a “renewables-and-efficiency” path, according to a new report from the “Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative” (EW3). It would conserve freshwater resources and mitigate climate change, making the U.S. energy sector and society more resilient to climate and environmental change, but it will require concerted action today by stakeholders throughout society.

Will We Ever See the End of Land Grabbing?

Growing pressure on the world’s land demands a joined-up approach from industry, agriculture and nature, says Ben Goldfarb. But is it a pipedream?


Seth Godin: Using Story to Connect Consumers and Brands

At the 2013 Go Further with Ford trends conference, speakers from Pixar, Ford, and Story came together to present a cohesive, compelling session about how story plays a big part in design, marketing and even the physical act of buying.


With Biomimicry: A Regenerative Economy Free From Environmental Debt

Building long-term costs into the price of goods, with less regard for short-term quarterly earnings would burn wide swaths in “business as usual.” Goods would become expensive, and companies would avoid environmental damage in order to bring consumer costs down. Afterward, regeneration will allow the seedlings of a new, sustainable, and abundant economy to emerge.


Town Bans Nudity but Keeps Fracking

One small community in southeastern Illinois seems to have its priorities squarely on track. For the town of Fairfield, the danger of fracking, or “hydraulic fracturing” to the nearby water source is not potential pollution, toxicity or other ecological issues, but – nudity. It’s amended its bylaws to make sure that thing stay orderly and clean in the historic town, while it prepares for Illinois fracking boom.


The Rise of Equality in Business

This step by Starbucks and so many others to connect their value of equality to their corporate identity is a big indicator of the future.


More Oil, but Higher Prices

The combination of pump pain and pollution economics are driving consumers toward a disruptive shift into electric cars, renewable energy, urban lifestyles, energy efficiency and healthier behaviors that enhance their economic and physical well-being. It is an economic revolution with green results.