This category is about the relation between business economies and sustainability and CSR. Company economies have great impact on how much effort they put into their CSR strategy and incorporating green strategies can have an effect on company growth. Topics include: Conscious Capitalism, Social Enterprise, B-Corps, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy

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The CSR Value Continuum: From Value Distribution to Shared Value Creation

“That is shared value not corporate social responsibility.” That is the reaction I received two weeks ago after sending a note about my value-centric approach to CSR and highlighting the economic sustainability inherent in CSR projects that have robust value propositions.

Haas students attend a "Lean In" event together at Facebook Headquarters, fall 2013.

Want to Help Women Achieve Leadership Roles? Bring on the Men

This past fall, I offered my Women in Business course at the MBA level, for the second year in a row. Again, the course filled, and again, males enrolled in the class as well as females.

A theme that strongly emerged from the course readings, lectures and discussions this year was the critical need to bring men into this hard work, both to raise awareness of and to educate them on the data, value and opportunities of investing in women, but also to include them in solutions and efforts.

EPA Climate Protection Partnerships

Big Payoff for US EPA Climate Protection Partnerships

The U.S. EPA releases its Climate Protection Partnerships Report for 2012 and urges aggressive action on climate change while promoting the economic benefits of climate protection action.


Target’s Latest Insurance Move: A Bust for Workers?

Target’s announcement that it plans to drop health insurance coverage for its part-time employees is proof, say critics, that the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea. But is Target’s decision really bad for the country or Target employees?

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Refurbished Wind Turbines to Power the Developing World at a Profit

Formally announced in a panel discussion at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last week, the Vestas-backed Wind for Prosperity initiative claims to have devised a solution that will power the developing world while yielding returns for investors.


US Solar Employment Growing at 10 Times the National Average

With everyone from the President to the super-wealthy increasingly concerned about growing gaps in wealth, income and economic opportunity, employment in the U.S. solar industry has been growing at a 20 percent rate the past two years, 10X as fast as the economy overall, a Solar Foundation report reveals.