A Climate Change Solution All Around Us: Net Zero Carbon Buildings

The signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 was rightly hailed as an historic moment in the fight against climate change. A key part of making that promise a reality, is all around us – in the floors, walls and rooftops that protect our way of life.

How to Make Sustainable Energy Mainstream

Why is there such a huge obstacle between sustainable energy and progress on a nationwide scale? Let’s take a closer look at a few specific types of sustainable energy — solar power, biofuel, wind power — (as well as the greater economic picture) to examine a few ways to ensure these renewable power sources stand a chance to flourish, over the next decade.

Renewable Fuel Standard Ready for an Overhaul?

A coalition of environment groups has urged the federal government to enact more cuts in biofuels production, as they claim the environmental promises promised by the Renewable Fuel Standard have failed to materialize 10 years after the program launched.

U.S. Energy Dept. Needs Hydrogen for Future Grid Resiliency

The U.S. energy infrastructure has been in the news this week as the devastation from Hurricane Harvey continues to ripple through the Gulf Coast region of Texas, a major oil and gas hub. The hurricane demonstrates some of the risks of centralized production and processing. But efforts are already underway to diversify our mix of clean energy.

Sanctions on Venezuela Exempt Citgo — U.S. Energy Portfolio at Risk

Citgo, the American oil company owned by the government of Venezuela, has been granted an exemption from recent U.S. sanctions by the Trump White House. The administration claims Citgo cannot transfer profits to its Venezuelan parent, but it turns out lobbying may have had something to do with giving the company a pass.

Trump’s DOE Invests $13M in Alternative Fuel Vehicles

New electric vehicles that can support mass transit are on the horizon, according to an announcement by the Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office. The office has just dolled out $13.4 million to encourage the production of alternative fuel vehicles that can support community mass transit.

Solar Power to Rival Nuclear by End of 2017

According to a recent report, solar power capacity not only continues to surge worldwide, but will rival the amount of nuclear power generated across the globe by the end of this year.

Support Grows for Republican Carbon Tax Plan

The idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax, introduced by GOP elders earlier this year, is slowly but surely gaining more support across the political spectrum.