Greenpeace USA Releases Second Annual Canned Tuna Rankings

While the U.S. is the largest canned tuna market in the world, it has “failed miserably to offer responsibly-caught options,” Greenpeace Oceans campaigner David Pinsky told TriplePundit. But the NGO’s latest rankings offer “a hopeful sign” that the canned tuna industry can be sustainable.

Seattle Baseball Fans Can’t Get Enough Toasted Grasshoppers

The Seattle Mariners are serving toasted grasshoppers at ballgames, and fans are bugging out over them: The restaurant quickly sold out, and will limit how many are sold at future games. Could this start an insect culinary revolution here in the U.S.?

Blue Apron Acquires Bill Niman’s Sustainable Meat Company

For the past 40 years, Bill Niman’s name has been synonymous with ethical ranching. Meat from his humanely-raised hogs, cattle and poultry have graced the tables of some of Northern California’s most respected restaurants. Last month, Niman sold his prized BN Ranch to Blue Apron for an undisclosed amount. The move will still give Niman the opportunity to do what he loves best: raise animals humanely and teach others about the benefits that come from it.