Twitter Chat Recap: Yum! Brands on Food Waste

Join the 3p team, Yum! Brands and partners today at 9am Pacific to talk about food waste in the restaurant sector. We’ll be answering your questions live at #YumCSR

Stop ‘Yelping’ So Restaurants Can Stop Wasting

The pursuit of quality and the ephemeral 5 star review has restaurants quick to trash any meal that might be perceived as slightly less than perfect. Can quality be maintained without food waste?

Migrant Workers Widespread in Food Supply Chain

Over 70 percent of farm workers are immigrants. Amid rising anti-immigration-rhetoric, food companies need to acknowledge the large numbers of migrant workers in their supply chains – on farms and in food-processing – and the specific vulnerabilities they face.

Arby’s to Test Venison Sandwiches in Six States

Move over, French Dip. Arby’s plans to test out venison sandwiches in six U.S. states in a marketing push to celebrate hunting. While Arby’s didn’t intend to shine a light on local, sustainable food, that’s exactly what it did.

Beef or Cow? Researchers Find the Way We Talk About Meat Matters

In a study published this month in the journal Appetite, Norwegian researchers argue that the way meat is processed, labeled, and advertised makes it easier for consumers to dissociate their hamburger or steak from the animals they once were.