Kiwis Planting the Seeds for Curbing Agricultural Emissions

New Zealand may not jump to mind as a guiding force in mitigating climate change, but if it can lead the charge to boost agricultural efficiencies, this island nation may just emerge as an important player. Tim Groser, New Zealand minister of trade and associate minister for climate-change issues, wrote for the Wall Street Journal … Continued

The Cost of McDonald’s Free Burger Giveaway

During the month of September, a McDonald’s promotion gave away free Angus beef burgers and paid the fares for public transportation users in six US cities– Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Washington DC. Such news elicited an emotional cocktail of optimism and skepticism.  With Nike, Apple, and PG&E recently forfeiting their membership to the … Continued

A Rainforest SOS To The World

Yesterday The Prince’s Rainforest Project launched a global campaign to raise awareness for deforestation. The public campaign was originally launched back in May, garnering over 4 million views of their campaign frog videos and a long line of celebrity and corporate endorsements. The Prince’s Rainforest Project dates back to 2007 as a reaction to reports … Continued

Changemakers: Solutions for Rural Communities

Changemakers, a non-profit organization, chose three winners for its collaborative competition Cultivating Innovation: Solutions for Rural Communities. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the competition. The three winners were SRREOSHI (India), Ag√™ncia Mandalla DHSA (Brazil), and Uganda Rural development and Training Programme. Each winner received $5,000. SRREOSHI works on women’s land rights in the … Continued

India’s Agricultural Industry: Causing a Loss of Biodiversity?

I love so many Indian exports, I barely know where to start: bollywood films, bhangra music, glass bangles, gold earrings, multicolored silk, chana masala, chai tea and mango lassi to name a few. Among these exotic indulgences, my favorite is Indian food. Basmati rice is perfectly sticky and light, the sauce on chicken tikka masala … Continued

McDonald’s Reports its Global Best of Green

The sustainability movement touches every company, incluing the folks that wrap factory-farmed beef products and feed them to the poor, obese masses. That’s right, the 2009 “Best of Green” innovations have come to McDonald’s. But it gets better, you can vote on them here! This list of best practices highlights local innovations to be shared … Continued