The Ark of Taste: Eating Well to Save Species

This post is part of a series on sustainability in the health and wellness industry, curated by Becky Eisen, Dana Ledyard, Izabel Loinaz. Follow along with the series here. Joining good food with sustainability is one organization’s recipe for saving America’s food traditions. By Aaron Kagan Slow Food International reminds us it is possible to … Continued


Yes or No on Nanoparticles in Food?

By Michael Passoff, Senior Strategist, As You Sow You may have read that nanoparticles are used in literally hundreds of products on supermarket shelves.  This new technology is reported to be prevalent in U.S. food applications, including nutritional additives, stronger flavorings and colorings, and antibacterial agents for food packaging and kitchenware. Meanwhile, the scientific community … Continued


Clif Bar Marks Ten Years of Sustainable Business Practices

One decade ago Clif Bar & Company made a commitment to be sustainable and today has proven to continuously raise the bar for fellow entrepreneurs on what it means to be a sustainable business. From the outside, it appears as though Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, Clif Bar’s co-CEOs, and their innovative staff have thought … Continued

General Mills Headquarters, Suburban Minneapolis

General Mills Promotes Bevy of Sustainability Projects in CSR Report

Last week General Mills released its 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility report. Highly dependent on agriculture, the company acknowledges the challenges it faces in minimizing its operations’ impact on people and the planet. The report covers multiple projects it undertakes on the environmental, social, and governance fronts, and is full of anecdotes that detail the firm’s sustainability-related work.


McDonald’s Commitment to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

I’ve never been a particular fan of McDonald’s. Initially, this stemmed from my observation that upon unwrapping a Big Mac, it  never looked as appetizing as pictures of the product seemed to promise. Still, the taste was pretty good, and the convenience was a plus. So, when transiting through an airport or on a long … Continued

Making Sustainable Water Use Operational at Anheuser Busch InBev

by Hugh Share A year on from the announcement of our global environmental goals, Anheuser-Busch InBev is on track to achieve a global water usage rate that will put the company on the leading edge of the brewing industry. As the issue of sustainable water use continues to climb the corporate agenda, it has become … Continued


Pictures to Decode Produce Age and Increase Food Safety

Best known for its fingerprint and facial recognition software, NEC’s new invention could revolutionize the global produce industry. With a simple digital picture, NEC’s Fruit Identification System will be able to tell you the original date the fruit was picked and shipped, as well as it’s type, like a delicious Honeycrisp apple. The photo will … Continued


Video Interview: Collaborating with the EDF

Environmental issues are best solved in collaboration. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) partners with businesses, governments and communities to find practical solutions to environmental problems. Beth Trask focuses on developing corporate partnerships at EDF.  In this interview she shares the latest activities and resources available to businesses.  EDF started 20 years ago with the first corporate … Continued

How Do Organic Farmers Use Technology?

By Hunter Richards Demand is on the rise for organic produce. A survey by the Organic Trade Association found that sales revenue from organic food in the U.S. had exploded to $25 billion by 2009 – twenty-five times that of 1990. Organic farmers can’t use the same technology as conventional farmers – like pesticides and … Continued


Water Offsets: Real, Beneficial, and Here

Something interesting is bubbling up in the Pacific Northwest. And it’s not beer. But it has a connection to it. Water offsets, or as their creator BEF calls them, Water Restoration Certificates do the seemingly impossible: Bring water back to dead or seasonally running waterways. Four billion gallons as of 2010. But it’s not some … Continued


EDF & McDonald’s Celebrate 20 Year Partnership

20 years ago McDonald’s Corp. and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) created a partnership unique for a corporation and an environmental organization at the time.  As Gwen Ruta, Vice President of EDF’s Corporate Partnerships Program explained in a recent Huffington Post article, “The alliance was very risky. Both sides stood to lose big if results failed … Continued

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 8.18.30 PM

Ultimate Bait and Switch? Prop 26 Backers Quietly Hiding Behind Public Outcry on Prop 23

What do Philip Morris, Chevron, Anheuser-Busch, and ConocoPhillips have in common? They’re all enjoying the darkened recess in which their anti-taxpayer, anti-public health, anti-environmental Proposition 26 is hiding while Prop 23 steals the spotlight (and most of the good guys’ contributions) in the battle over clean tech in California.  And they’re all supporting it by … Continued

CalCAN logo

Prop 23: A Bad Deal for California’s Farmers

By Matthew Green, Outreach and Media Coordinator, California Climate and Agriculture Network With three weeks to Election Day, one of the most widely watched initiatives on the ballot is Proposition 23, which pits oil company interests against the possibility of a clean, green energy future for California. By now you probably know that most of … Continued