8 Ways for Fast Food Companies to Green Their Packaging

An interview with Scot Quaranda, Campaign Director at Dogwood Alliance on their new report, “Greening Fast Food Packaging: A Roadmap to Best Practices,” which outlines eight key attributes of environmentally friendly fast food packaging and provides guidance for fast food companies on how to assess environmental impacts in the supply chain.

Monterey County Bans Harmful Chemicals on Strawberry Farms

Grist reported on Valentine’s Day that one of the biggest farm communities in California – Monterey County – banned the notorious fumigant methyl iodide. Along with Santa Cruz, Monterey County has taken this step of doing away with this harmful chemical from farmlands. Methyl iodide is the the replacement for ozone-depleting methyl bromide. Methyl bromide … Continued

Get Ready for Forest Footprint Disclosure

If you were wondering what would be the next stop in the journey of businesses to identify their impacts and dependencies on ecosystem services, you got an answer earlier this week. After disclosing their carbon and water footprints, companies are moving now to disclose their forest footprint. Why they do it? Are these companies becoming the new treehuggers?

Millets Need a Comeback for a More Sustainable Indian Diet

In India, millets have formed the core of the everyday diet for millenia. However after the Green Revolution, subsidies for wheat and rice, and the food distribution system millets are slowly dying out.

India Needs More then the Food Security Bill to Alleviate Hunger

After a lot of debate, the Indian cabinet finally cleared the National Food Security Bill (NFSB) amidst doubts of whether this would really help create a hunger-free India. According to the Food Security Bill, India will need 60 – 61 million tons of grain to feed people who will be eligible for assistance. This means food … Continued

Sustainable Food Directory Brings Together Over 40,000 Businesses

Farm Plate is a fantastic sustainable food initiative – it is a rather newly launched website which features a searchable directory of more than 40,000 business listing across the US. Users can search the site by category and by location to find sustainable foods and drinks. Farm Plate links  “farmers, fishermen, foragers, food artisans, restaurants, markets, … Continued

Genetically Modified Plants to Resist Intense Drought

Applying genetic modification technologies, the company developed plants that can overcome harsh conditions of seawater irrigation. CEO, Amir Avniel: “This experiment is another step towards production of improved plants that will provide farmers with excellent yield even in drought conditions”

Fair Trade USA: Why We Parted Ways with Fair Trade International

In recent months, Fair Trade USA has caused a ripple in the Fair Trade movement by boldly questioning the status quo and moving in a new direction to significantly increase the effectiveness and reach of the Fair Trade model. President and CEO Paul Rice explains his new strategic vision, Fair Trade for All, which aims to double the impact of Fair Trade by 2015 by innovating the model, strengthening farming communities and igniting consumer involvement.

EU Passes Law that Says: The Chicken Comes First

We’ve all heard the famous rhetorical question, “which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Well, I’m here to tell to you that the answer is—it depends. If you’re the American egg industry, then the answer is clearly, the egg. In fact, they don’t give a hoot about the chickens and would do away with … Continued

3 Reasons Why Freakonomics is Wrong About Local Food

Local food is bad for your health, bad for the environment and bad for the economy, not to mention its potential risk for the well-being of billions of poor people worldwide. As strange as you find this description of local food, these are probably the conclusions you would reach from reading Steve Sexton’s Freakonomics article, The … Continued