Malaysia’s Smart Eco-Village Includes 4-Level Aquaculture System

International experts meeting in San Jose highlight a “smart eco-village” in Malaysia that can serve as a global model for sustainable development. Rimbunan Kaseh brings together modern aquaponics, renewable energy and affordable, energy-efficient “smart” housing in a development aimed at addressing rural poverty, rapid urbanization, environmental conservation and sustainable natural resource management.

Britain Moves to Boost the Number of Young Farmers

The average age of farmers in Britain is increasing and those that are looking to retire are finding it difficult to find younger farmers to take over. Popular daily newspaper Metro reports that in order to give the farming profession a makeover, Farmers Weekly magazine has come up with the Farmers Apprentice program.

The Trouble with Locavorism

A husband and wife team from the University of Toronto have recently published a book called The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet. They argue that the locavore movement is misguided and will have disastrous effects if it is widely adopted. They write that,”locavorism can only result in higher costs and increased poverty, greater food … Continued

Is Avon’s New CSR Blog Ready to Come Calling?

Avon has just started a new CR blog, Avon’s Calling, as the latest effort in its goal to be transparent and to offer a dialogue with their many stakeholders. What does Avon need to do to meet these goals?

New Report: Poor Working Conditions Among Food Workers

A new report released by the Food Chain Workers Alliance, looks at the wages and working conditions of workers across the entire food chain, for the first time. The sector employs about 20 million people in the US and it comprises about one-sixth of the nation’s workforce. The report entitled ‘The Hands that Feed Us is based … Continued

McDonald’s UK New Stakeholder Engagement Website Shows Signs of Progress

Following the failures of McDonald’s twitter campaigns, which have brought a storm of protest against the company, McDonald’s UK decided to try another approach. Instead of using an open social media platform in campaigns that seems to be more about advertising, it decided to build a new platform that will actually be more about engagement. The result is What Makes McDonald’s?, where stakeholders are invited to find the facts, share their views and ask McDonald’s a question or two.

Mango Delayed Due to Climate Change

The people of India have a deep connection with mangoes. Every person claims to have at least one favorite kind but the Alphonso mango is undoubtedly the king. Anyone who has eaten it will attest that its distinctive flavor is hard to forget. However, the last couple of years have spelled trouble for mango farmers in India.