Greenpeace’s Shell Hoax: The Aftermath

While the Greenpeace hoax against Shell’s Arctic drilling plans certainly grabbed the attention of many people as well as the media, it’s still not clear how effective it was at moving the needle. No one doubt mastering online activism is at least as important as mastering it offline, but is this hoax activism at all?

The Trouble With GMO Labeling – What’s a Biotech Giant to Do?

If California’s Proposition 37 becomes law in November, the law would require most foods that contain genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. Should agri-business fight the labeling law or should they accept it as the will of the public, however unscientific they may be?

Financing and the Small Regional Farmer

Our food system has become increasingly complex, and created barriers that make it very difficult for small regional farmers to successfully bring their products to market. There are fewer farmers today than at any point in American history, and the trend threatens our food security as we know it. By supporting our small farmers, and becoming involved, community members can play a vital role in growing our food system in a healthier direction.

Malaysia’s Smart Eco-Village Includes 4-Level Aquaculture System

International experts meeting in San Jose highlight a “smart eco-village” in Malaysia that can serve as a global model for sustainable development. Rimbunan Kaseh brings together modern aquaponics, renewable energy and affordable, energy-efficient “smart” housing in a development aimed at addressing rural poverty, rapid urbanization, environmental conservation and sustainable natural resource management.

Britain Moves to Boost the Number of Young Farmers

The average age of farmers in Britain is increasing and those that are looking to retire are finding it difficult to find younger farmers to take over. Popular daily newspaper Metro reports that in order to give the farming profession a makeover, Farmers Weekly magazine has come up with the Farmers Apprentice program.

The Trouble with Locavorism

A husband and wife team from the University of Toronto have recently published a book called The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet. They argue that the locavore movement is misguided and will have disastrous effects if it is widely adopted. They write that,”locavorism can only result in higher costs and increased poverty, greater food … Continued